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I Saw Someone Pull a Gun!


Here's my cool story brahs.

I was helping a neighbor work on his car and 2 other neighbors with 3 dudes following them walk by (apartment complex), he said "hey kyle, these 2 dudes want to fight you", I said "I don't want to fight a random person that's stupid" so my neighbor and I go back to working underneath his car.

Next thing I know, 2 of the dudes start fighting, my skinny neighbor kicks this dude's ass LOL, then the guy who got his ass kicked kept talking shit and walking back wanting more. My other neighbor pulls a pistol out and sticks it in the dude's chest. I was like "Woah, what the fuck Bobby?!?!"

I said "yall calm the fuck down!! Take that shit somewhere else", the neighbor I was helping work on his car walks over and breaks the shit up. Took about 5 minutes for things to get settled down.

But yeah, it was pretty cool.


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wow, that must have seemed sorta surreal, one of those moments where to do the pinch test to make sure your not dreaming.,
nontheless cool story


Crazy how things escalate like that.


man if I was your neighbor with the gun I would have busted a Clint Eastwood on the fuckers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8coq2cUn1U .


marked the failing point


"Wow...that really got out of hand fast!"


Doesn't this stuff happen all the time in America?


IT does happen all the time...but nonetheless...very nerve wrecking


haha, this is my favorite version of that.



Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


I've just never seen something go down like that in person before. I had a piece of pipe in my hand ready to start bustin shit up if I had to. I was right next to the guy with the gun, he had the barrel on the dude's chest and he was talkin shit. I really thought I was about to see someone get shot.

All this shit happened randomly right in front of me.

Then later on, I was pulling out of a parking lot and I saw a motorcycle lying in the street next to a car and a woman laying on the sidewalk with her helment on. She wasn't moving and I heard some horible screaming. What a fucked up day.


did you stop to help her?


Not as much as we'd like.


Darwin Award up in here


You never help.

Unless you want to be sued for being a good Samaritan. Blame the government.


Ive only had that happen once and it wasnt during a fight. It was a kid during a fourth of july fire works display. He shot off a clip in the air and no one ran or anything. I was half out of my chair and pissed off(so were half the other people around) but he just stuck it back in his pants..he wasnt planning on hurting anyone (atm atleast) Its a really bad area with alot of shoots...cops didnt even show up.


Haha Seinfeld


Brah i can live with but the term "yall" makes me think of cletus the slack jawed yokel.

Just sounds so redneck.


There was already a couple other people that ran over, plus the woman who hit her. They had their phones out and I'm sure they were calling 911. I didn't want to get in the way.