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I Saw MAG-10 at GNC....


It was for something like $70 or $80 a bottle. I dont recall because it was about two weeks ago. Can anyone tell me what it was? I mean, is there some sort of legal stuff you can buy? Or can they just sell what they have left in supply?

They had two bottles left and I didnt know if I should grab them for myself (unsure as I've never used it before either).


It is likely the Avenger. Which I believe is the consumer level RED KAT and Alpha Male combo.

You'd be better off spending the $80 here for Alpha Male and Carbolin 19.


You saw the MAG-10 Avenger.


thanks for the help. I've been looking around the site and found out the same thing with a little sniffing. I didnt realize there were the Avenger and the Destroyer. Glad I didnt decide to put money into it. Too bad there isnt a way to let people know about it. And to think I thought I hit the jackpot...


MAG-10 Avenger is a solid product. One of my training partners who shops at GNC uses it and is quite happy.

I believe it's essentially a combo of Alpha Male and Methoxy-7.