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I Saw a Girl Lay an Egg...Literally


Me and my buddies got drunk with this young ass high school girls. We got on this argument going, on whether or not, if a person swallowed an egg, they would lay it or pop it in transit. I grabbed this young skank, and made her swallow this egg. She was all crying and freaking out, and gagging, as I shoved it down her throat. Anyways, about 45 minutes later, it was time for her to shit, and low and behold the egg came out...so I made 20 dollars.

Have you guys seen this done before, what do you think?


Cool story bro.


why does 09 suck so much?


Nasty and 45 min is too fast to pass through.
Also you looked at her poop? cmon now


Hey I dont suck


not a surprising 09 post.

but your stuck with the 09 class. try joining next yr...


I guess we will suck togethor


^ no homo


Did you have to include "champ" in your user name considering you also play hockey? Eventually leading to people confusing me for a loser '09er... face palm


i cant say i dislike all 09er's, just the special ones with their well thought out thread topics


Hey man Champ is tatooed on my chest so I win.


No you did not


This classic scene from Billy Madison basically sums up this and many of threads of late.


do it again and put it on youtube... i wanna see it but im not about to re-enact this scenario


oh dear god..


This thread made me laugh.

Honestly the most pathetic thing i've ever read.


good question. My theory. Every year has a bunch of newbie idiots. By now though most from years past have stopped posting. It will be this way in 2010 as well.


That's actually the definition of NOT winning. Sounds like you really, really love yourself. Girls probably take off once they realize your room is covered in pictures of yourself in various states of undress.


Hey OP, next time shove the egg up your own ass, then see if you shit it out of your mouth in 45 minutes.


I was eating breakfast before I read this... thanks alot.