I said I'd do it before 2017

21 days out of meet. Bw around 223 most mornings

675 squat
725 squat
770 squat
800 squat (30lbs PR)



Congratulations! You made that look easy!

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Lol, ridonkulous lifts. Great job.

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Exellent, night before weigh in, monolift good luck ,shoulders feeling better? Is the raw record still 815 at 220 by Amir ?

Are you drunk lol?

But yes it is the sleeved record. The wrapped is 915 by Sam Byrd.

Thanks guys honestly.

New stance? No problem! Great work!

-How long until we see Chris Duffin wearing a REED t-shirt?


That was stupid. I’d say it’s inspiration, but I need to hit 6 and 7 first. Great work!

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