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are an absolute inspiration. Although I may not agree with most of the things you say - the world would be a less colourful and entertaining place without your ilk and for that I salute you!

and thanks again Nards for some great 'stills' ideas :wink:


That is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen on the internet. Thank you for that. I hope RV appreciates it as much as the rest of us will.


Stern For Pres





Lol.....well done!




Something tells me he won't get it.






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Stern has a gift.


LMAO very funny, and very well done indeed!



Usually when people say "I spit my out after watching this", I think they're exaggerating.

I LITERALLY spit a mouthful of post-workout shake all over my crotch. There were berries in that shit and I'm hoping I can OxyClean the fuck out of the stain.

Hilarious. Abso-fucking-hilarious.


Love it!


Stern, you're a genius!


U must whip it.





Lol cheers guys! Had a blast making this it has to be said. ^^

I just hope I have enough juice left in the tank for future efforts as I'm fairly confident RV will continue to provide the luls. :smiley:


An inspiration to all trolls!

Hail Rogue Vampire!!



Looks like RV VIP around here. He's going to be pretty pleased about this. Hopefully he'll thank you for the video.