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I Really Want


...to have sex with Shakira. Her video "my hips don't lie" just drives me insane. Please Shakira, let me have sex with you. That is all.


You just now figured out you want to have sex with her?

Geez, I realized that 6 years ago when she was still a brunette, only singing in Spanish, and was twice as curvy...


Been there done that. She was pretty good, especially because she was screaming shit in spanish to me the whole time. Marzia Prince is still on my horizons as #1 desire.

You were talking about dreams right?



Oh, I've known about this urge for quite awhile now. I just wanted to publicly profess it :slight_smile: And this is not the best picture of her. She is looking quite curvy in her latest video. Scrumptious indeed!


Not the best picture?

Dude, I wish you'd wake up. Every picture of a major celebrity is heavily photoshopped. Fake eyes, fake skin, fake curves. And beneath the fake digital facade comes the "real" fake tits, fake hair, fake teeth. Not to mention the work of her make-up artist.
Shakira? No, thanks, I'll stick to non-virtual ass.


Her hips look pretty honest to me... I'd trust them!


no fake nothin' on this woman.


Looks hot as hell but I hate the way she sounds like her dad was kermit the frog.


And if you've seen the video, you'd realize she can move her hips in every which way, which could be a good thing.


To each his own. She could shake her hips on my face anytime.


Uhh.... it's on her head.


You forgot to correct my sentence structure.


She's a belly dancer. And I WANT A BOD LIKE HERS! I will have that body. Oh yes, I will.


There's a teacher at my school who has a voice like kermit the frog 100% of the time... even when he yells. Funniest crap ever!!!!

Shakira? I'd hit it!