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I Really Want to Learn the Olympic Lifts


I'm really getting to the point where I don't care how expensive it is or how far I have to drive. I want to learn the olympic lifts. It's that simple. There is no sport in the world as cool as olympic lifting! Hands down! NO SPORT! I mean that!!! My old goal was to put up more weight in every exersize -literally- and then one day when I became "strong" move gently into the olympic lifts. But the thought of me jerking off several good years makes me cringe and I'd rather just get started now. I am capable of honest self-critique and self-motivation, but I'd rather not waste any unnecessary effort or time. I think some sort of instructor would be ideal.

I've been lifting regularly for about 16 months. That isn't counting the bench and bicep curls i called "working out" for a year when i was 15...

So now, does anyone know of any o-lift trainers or programs in eastern pennsylvania or New Jersey? I live about 150 miles from Philadelphia and 90 miles from New York City. Above I said I was "really getting to the point" where I didn't care how far I'd have to drive or how costly the instruction would be, and I mean that -within reason. I can't make a weekly thing out of driving to Pittsburg or Virginia or New Hampshire or whatever and pay out the ass to boot.

I'll dig up what I can, but any help I get from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hey man! Glad you are excited. Yes, Olympic lifting is a bitch sometimes, at least in the US, because it is so unpopular that there is usually nothing near you. For me, just to lift with some folks and with some proper equipment, I have to drive almost 1 hour to a gym (one way) on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights. I hit fucking rush hour in Chicago, but it is worth it. Normally the drive is 20 minutes, but oh well. It's fun to lift with a group!

ANYWAYS. From the USAW website.


Click on the state that is closest to you, and call/email those guys up! Many of them will probably not charge you (if they're cool, lol). Go down the list of coaches, from closest locations to farthest (that you are willing to drive to). I bet out of the first 5 coaches you call, at least one will want to lift with you.


You can search for weightlifting clubs on the USA weightlifting website.


I coach out of Rockville MD but might be too far for you. Victor Gallego in Moorestown, NJ is a really good coach and might be closer.Gary Valentine is out in CT and hes also very solid.In NYC, its possible to find places but I know a few lifters who have complained about a lack of individual and detailed coaching.

  1. Get a coach
  2. Be commited
  3. Train hard
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!


  1. Become awesome


If you are willing and able to drive into the NYC/Philly/NJ metro areas a couple times a week, then I would think you should be able to find a gym and coach without too much trouble at all.

As was suggested, your best option is probably the USAW site. Another good option is to talk to a Crossfit affiliate or two. They may provide OL-specific coaching as part of their program, or one of their trainers or members might be willing to do it on the side. Just make sure whoever you learn from really knows their stuff - a history of coaching is probably the best indicator, but there are also some guys with no formal experience who know their stuff and are good teachers.

After you learn the basics and if you have the space, it might well pay to buy your own bar, bumper plates, and rack. It's quite an expensive investment but you'll save a lot of time and money on commuting to the gym. Then you can do most of your workouts at home, and just get some coaching a couple times a month rather than a couple times a week.


What town/city do you live in? I live in that vicinity.


Where/what gym in Rockville, MD do you coach out of?


At Supreme Sports (supremesportspt.com).


Add to that East Coast Gold in Baltimore city @ the Merrit Downtown Athletic Gym, and Crossfit South Baltimore.

btw..... Victor Gallego is the shit. If he is close to you GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!! he doesn't say much but his coaching will get you STRONG.


I live near Pottsville.


That's all pretty much exactly what I intend to do.


Thanks for posting, really, but that kind of driving is just too far for me. I can't schedule it.


There's this place in Dunmore (near Scranton), but it probably isn't that much closer than anything else.



This website doesn't seem to be working for me. Would you happen to know the email address of anyone at that place?


Get coaching!
Brilliant avatar by the way!


mailto: Ktot@ptd.net

King Joes Barbell Club
622 E.Drinker St.
Dunmore PA 18512

KING JOE (570)-842-7574

Tony Amendalaro (570)-241-4548

Bob D'Angelo (570)-840-5022


thanks, man