I really need some help PLEASE!!!

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so please go easy on me. This is a long story but I will try and make it simple as possible. I am 20 and have been lifting since my freshman year of highschool so say 14 or 15. After my last year of football I stopped working out for a while. When I went back I pretty much only did chest, arms, and traps… not doing much legs, back or shoulders at all(they pop in the front and in the back kind of by my shoulder blades)…

Well flash forward to today… my shoulders pop/click/grind all the time…they do this when I bench, do push ups…pretty much anything that doesn’t include legs… Now I started working out my whold body the last couple of months (shoulders, back and legs along with what I was doing before). and it still persists…though not as bad. But the thing that scares me latley is if I sleep with my arms over my head my whole arm falls asleep…even say if I am laying on my side watching tv…

What do you think is wrong with me? I would go to a doctor…but I don’t have health insurance right now…

This is affecting my strength and driving me crazy… can someone help me get my shoulders in order so I can begine to start getting stronger again.

Thanks for the help


Can you also do those really odd things with your joints like make them stick way out?

You sound like you have that condition which makes your tendons a bit stretchier than normal, thus allowing them to sorta pop and move more than they should.

Have you ever dislocated anything?

Honestly you have to go to some sort of doctor about it, there is no magical “drink a cup of green tea mixed with red powder” thing that is going to fix you up.

Look for someone who does ART in your area, or a chiropractor and pay them in cash. Wont be as expensive as typical medical doctors.

Had the same problem with my arms going numb when I slept with them over my head. I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing you created some nerological impingement of the nerves that run under your subscapularis due to the muscle inbalances created through your previous neglect of back and shoulder training. For me, it took finding the right ART specialist to first figure out the problem and then help me correct it.

because of my huge muscles my arms fall asleep too. im guessing its an impingmnet of the brachial plexus. the price i pay for looking this buff, pfff
It doesnt go away when i diet down either, and my shoulders are very flexible (from swimming days).
dont know if this helps

im arms go to sleep in weird positions to. i think that has more to do with my size than anything. ART will fix the cracking and popping.

Goldberg, do you have any experience with ART stopping popping and clicking? I’ve read that you’ve had it…but not that last bit. I’ve had one ART treatment, for my shoulder, SC joint and neck…which have all lately been popping and cracking after a few nice mtn bike wipeouts, and a couple months of heavy lifting. neck seems almost instantly better shoulder and SC joint aren’t much improved, hopefully a few more treatments will do the trick. just curious if ART was able to alleviate symptoms like you described for you, or anyone.