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I Really Need Help


Hi there guys, i'm... well i'm a fat guy who is desesperated (this is not a parody of the thread that is on the beginners section too).

I've gone down from 275 pounds to something like 193, i did it in more or less 8 months (wow those were some god damn good 8 months), but then something terrible happened to me, a girl i really loved... well she's gone and she will never be back, i don't want to talk about this any further.

The thing is that since that happened (almost exactly a year ago) i haven0t been able to get back on track, i've even gained some weight back, but this is torturing me, i mean it is really messing up my life.

I used to have a 53" waist, now i have a 43", but i'm still very fat, and the wors thing is that i'm not a noob, i know about dieting, about exercising, i can be very strict for all the morning and evening, but during the night, something "brakes" and i just start gorging till the point that i'm uncomfortable.

i really wanna stop, but i can't, i'm literally eating and and wishinhg i could stop, but i can't, i mean this is so pathetic that it is not even funny, i'm losing my life, i can0t thing about anything but my fucking gut.

Please guys, i need help, i know there are no magic pills, but i'm desesperated, this is messing with my personal life, with my job, with my friends.

I'm afraid of going out to the street, i don't want the persons to look at me, i feel like grabbing a knive and start slicing my gut.

I have a diet and exercise plan, but i can't keep up with it for more than one day, and it is not just that i'm a pussy, i really need some advice.

Thanks in advanced.


I dont know if you want a a pep talk dude but ja we have all had break ups, some fucking ugly too! And maybe its the whole thing like you said you were quite fat, you met someone and that whole fat complext thing melted away and now that they left your resorting to going back to that (ur shell). Man the fuck up, go grab a barbell and some clean ass (buts lots of it) food. Period.


A salty Gunnery Sergeant once told me that no cares about your problems. A split tail left you, great, get to work. Your mommy died, great, get to work. The sad fact is the shit goes on and feeling sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. You really have two choices, clean the sand out of your clit and man up-- or just quit. It pays to be a winner, and you're not being one.

People will help you with diet and training here, but this isn't a place to come crying like a bitch. If you're talking about cutting yourself with a knife, go to a doctor. Learn from this experience and grow up.


^^ Awesome advice.

   I am pretty sure my nuts grew bigger nuts just reading that.

Yup, just re-read it.. my nuts are much bigger.


x2 I fucking love this guy.


Ok man, i want no pep talk,and we didn't break up, she died, but will take your advice anyway, thanks.


Wow you are a fucking asshole, but great advice man, thanks.

Yeah shit happens and life goes on, but a helping hand will never be TOO much, it is always welcomed, and i'm not ashamed of feeling like crying for something that i can't bear, i'm looking for a way out of this, and asking for help or just a fucking advice, well i don't consider it being a pussy.

I guess i just wanted a little encouragement, but guess i won't find this in here.

So i'll take what is good and will man the fuck up.



I'm sorry, but you are posting on the Testosterone Nation, where the only advice is manly advice. As shitty as that advice sounded, it really is the truth.