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I Really Need Help Getting Back on Track

dying here. I need to know the number one way to motivate yourself to get back into the gym when all you want to do is lie down and go to bed.

not because i’m tired. but ever since i’ve been working in sales, for the last two years or so, I feel so drained. I’ve worked concrete, landscaping, graphic illustration, and never have i been so uninterested in doing recreational activities. The sales game is just killing me.

I talk non-stop to people all day long and at the end of the day, I just want to be alone and sit. Has anyone ever experienced this sort of thing before?

Please help, I am getting soooo fat and sloppy.

cheers. dwop

I work tech support, basically the same damn thing as sales. I’m trying to sell my customers the thought that I am right and have fixed their issue. They don’t like to buy it of course.

The one thing motivating me is the thought that if I can change my figure, I can change anything about my life. Plus theres the fantasy that I’ll get into good enough shape that I can make money either being in shape, or helping others get in shape and that seems like a great goal to shoot for.

So setting my body as a goal is the first step to improving my life as a goal.

Go over to the ‘Sex and the Male Animal’ board, read the post titled “Best. Ass. Ever.”, click on the link, look at the pictures of the most immaculate ass in the world. If that doesn’t get you motivated to get to the gym and turn yourself into a poontang magnet, then I don’t know what will.

Unless you’re gay or something, in which case, the above advice won’t have any effect on you.

Take a vacation somewhere that is warm, tropical, and near a lot of salt water. Pick a date, make the reservations and then know that unless you get your ass in shape, you will look like a beached whale.

It’s a temporary motivation, but after you look in the mirror and see that your body has changed, then maybe that will become a more lasting motivation.


relax dude, first think about why you want to train, to lose weight, be an athlete, bodybuilder, whatever the reason is think about all of the benefit you will get from training and write that shit down, this will help.

-Also find some music or a movie or anything that will pump you up, remember if its stupid and it works, its not stupid.

-make a schedule for yourself, do not go home after work until you go to the gym and stick to it dammit! you are the only one who can keep yourself accountable, dont rely on anybody else for that.

-read shugarts blog.

-Just do it. man up and get to the gym and just do something, move some weight around, sometimes you have to fake it before you make it.

-if that shit dont work then go check out that fine, fine ass in that other thread and revel in your self pity knowing that you will never get any of that unless you get off your ass.