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I Really Need Good Advice

i have a question id like to ask and i hope ill hear from you as this has been going on for so long !

My recent blood test results :

My LH is 4.13 (1.50-9.30)

FSH 4.09 ( 1.40 - 18.10)

Prolactin 7.23 ( 2.10 - 17.70)

Free test 5.20 (2.6 - 9.79)

TSH 3RD generation 1.804 ( 0.55 - 4.78)

Estrdoil 37.98 ( ND - 39.8 )

i have facing ubnormality for almost 5 years after taking a cycle of steroids , where libido and strength and motivation got low. my prolactin back then was as high as the upper level and doctors started prescribing me parlodel and dostonex for it where it worked amazingly but made me feel lke garbage and worse after stopping them !

the problem with doctors that they never asked about estradiol tests !!! and i believe that was my problem … today i made a test and got those results … can someone please tell me what to do ?

shall i use armoasin ? or can i use a product called AD3-PCT by lecheek where it says it lowers estrogen and prolactin at the same time ??

id appreciate any !!

my status now : I’m way better than before however libido is low, sexually I’m far from normal but i can perform however sensitivity is very low , ive gained weight ( NOT MUCH THO ) i am 1.84 M height and 88 kgs weight … i feel i hatve water retention mostly lower area. and my power at gym is very low as in whenever i try to go back to the gym and i work out i feel like garbage and irritated afterwards which makes me stop. and i notice the more i work out the more hair i lose ( i believe that’s because of the high estradiol levels ! )

to make things short as i don’t want to go over my life story and borden you , these are the latest blood test results, I’m glad that prolactin got way lower than before and i believe my only issue now is estraoil !

PS : for pct i only used clomid at high dosages ( yes i know i was stupid and had no clue ) which made me very DRY. and test results after that pct was very high testestrone and prolactin was at upper limit and as i mentioned doctors never asked for estradiol tets.

im considering using AD3 PCT by lecheek nutrition as it has AI aramstaine that blocks estrogen conversion and blocks cortisol spikes , and it has mucuna to control prolactin and boosts GH and LH and milk thistle for liver support …

what do u guys think ??