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I Really Miss Squatting...


I had a really wierd dream last night. All I did in the dream was squat all night long. I squatted and squatted and squatted. I guess it's because I haven't been able to squat since lacrosse season started, March 3rd. My upper body's been getting all the attention of late, and I guess my legs are just about fed up with it all. I need to squat.


One set won't hurt mate.


You dont have to go 90%+ all the time.


I have an elbow injury right now and all I can really do is squat (and most other movements that don't require any bending of the arms).

Not really sure who has it better. Good luck with the lax.


pulled my hamstring during track practice two weeks ago havent been able to squat or DL since...it sucks


Swallow your pride and walk over to the smith-machine.

I haven't been able to squat for over six months now due to a partial tear in my right patella tendon.
And I probably won't do any squatting for the next 6 months either. I've started legpressing though.


go squat it will only help


True, anything less than 100% is a waste of time.


I know how you feel...I've been lifting fairly regularly, but I've just been putting off any leg work because I was being lazy.

I just went yesterday to hit the legs and did squats for the first time in months. It felt great, although I'm paying for it dearly today...walking is a bit tough.

You should probably get back to squatting...it won't hurt to just go and do it.


I feel ya, I had to stop squatting when I injured my hips.

Felt good to hit it hard again.

If you're not squatting and you're not injured you're a spaz, by the way.


No one should EVER stop squating. No matter what the case is. Even if you're in a wheelchair.


Psst...let me hit you with some knowledge.....you are wrong.

Some of us could end up in a wheelchair with heavy squats.


Funny thing is after I posted that, the next day I could hardly move. It felt like someone came into my bedroom and started whacking away at me with a bat.

Heavy squats are always good for people. I mean yeah you could easily end up in a wheelchair if you're sumo wrestling/good morning every set and rep.


im going to be honest to me if you dont squat your not worth talking too. i play football i do track. I squat during season the whole season every week just plan around it so u dont have a game day withen two days of squating and your fine