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I Realized Why Evolution Is a Fact


So today I was filling up my car at the gas station and it occurred to me that the way that gas is transferred from the pump to the car is similar to the manner in which semen is transferred from the male to the female; i.e. by inserting a funnel into a reciprocal.

This got me thinking. Is it some big coincidence that the engineers devised the same system of fluid transfer as nature? Of course not. The penis/vagina arrangement was neither intelligently designed, nor did it occur randomly. Instead, it simply evolved in the only way that was possible, conforming to the niche created by nature. The organic molecules simply fell into place according to where the laws of physics told them to go.

I feel somewhat stupid for not realizing this a long time ago. Nevertheless, it destroys any lingering doubts that biological system are too complex to be explained by evolution.


It's about time you caught up to everybody else.

I had the same feeling when I was urinating in my diapers when I was a baby. When I finally started peeing in the toilet, it totally made sense and it all became clear.

You should feel very stupid, as this information is everywhere.


I remember a bio class I took once, the teacher gave just on example on a cell. I don't remember all the specifics but I believe it was the flagella that was being looked at? Apparently for that to form, 15 different things had to occur simultaneously and that is just 1 part of a cell. I believe in intelligent design with a side order of evolution.




I'm glad they engineered out the repetitive motion and installed a valve. That must be the evolution of which you speak. Much more efficient.


Im glad you figured this out.


This is weird... makes sense... but it's weird...


No, God made vaginas and penises so we can make babies. That's the ONLY reason. And - the only reason it feels really, really super good and makes perfect anatomical sense is to test us, okay? Just like dinosaur bones, of course, they never existed. Their bones were just placed on the Earth to test our judgement. Just ask Sarah Palin!


LOL @ natural law! Same reason New Orleans flooded after Katrina, but God wanted to clean out the corruption. Funny thing is, the French Quarter never flooded, but a lot of churches did! Ironic.

Welcome aboard. We need more people to "see the light" if you will.


Eh, I see what you mean. In fact there are very many things that fall into place for even the universe to be possible...but, and a big but, is that this is only fuel for intelligent design if you presume that life as we know it was SUPPOSED to happen, as if it's a given. It's not. There doesn't have to be life, just like there doesn't have to be this universe. You can think of it another way, the way everything is set up, makes it impossible for life to come about in other ways (as far as we know on Earth). Like nitrogen based creatures etc. So, it's really not THAT coool...


Your stance then is the only somewhat reasonable one that includes religious beliefs. And I'm glad you acknowledge evolution as existing at least.


Counter argument: God saw where the corruption really is.

Also, that's not irony.


Scientists are showing that all of those things didn't happen at once.



This is only vaguely on topic, but I'm taking a religion class that focuses around a lot of evolution/creationism type controversy and it's really cool stuff. Not at all focused on debating the merits of each, but more the social issues surrounding it.


This arguement (irreducible complexity) always truck me as funny, considering:

1 - Really... Going to rest the whole of you argument of an intelligent designer on the spinning tail of a bacteria? Okay...

2 - Google it. Its been thoroughly dismantled by people in the field. The only people still clinging to this idea are religious fundamentalist.

The tail didnt occur simultaneously, the "argument" is that if you take any one piece of the tail, it ceases to work. But that doesnt mean it had to form spontaneously, it is the more complex form of a previously simpler tail. Thats all.


The social issues being... Religious people just cant accept the fact that evolution occurred and they dont have some all powerful being watching over them at all times that will eventually grant them life after death in a magic castle in the sky where nothing bad ever happens?

Thats really what it boils down to. Religious people just cant face the fact that they will die some day and need the science world to validate their feelings by letting them teach their hari brained hypothesis in the science classroom.



how is evolution a fact, theres black people and white people. there were no white people 80,000 years ago.


That's kind of an oversimplification but it does hit the target.


God created the master race after realizing our colored brethren were a second-rate creature.


Interesting read, thanks.