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I Realized I'm Still a Damn Beginner


I've been lifting very inconsistently since 9th-10th grade. The past year I have started to take lifting very seriously and now I feel like I am finally starting to go down the right path. I felt like I knew everything and that I was "jacked." But stumbling upon this site and realizing how weak and average I look compared to other people, I finally came to the conclusion that I'm basically a beginner.

Throwin the ego aside cause I am a puss compared to the damn jacked up guys around here. I am just introducing myself because I will be around on these boards more often to try and suck up as much knowledge as possible.

But I hope you guys can help me out here and there. I'm 20 years old and am of Filipino/Japanese decent. Yes, I have "awful" genetics to some people but I personally believe my genetics are decent enough to hold a powerful strong physique. My username basically describes the type of person I am. It's only I against I when it really comes down to it. I am fighting my genetic limits and hopefully gaining the respect of you big guys out there.

Here's a couple pics and stats.

Age: 20
Height: 5'9 1/2
Weight: 151.5 pounds
Basic Physical Attributes: Lean Body, Long Torso, Short Legs, Fast/Quick, Too Light :stuck_out_tongue:


Front Flex 2


Back Flex.. Kinda crappy but all I could do


Some bicep in there :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. First - stop worrying about the 'awful' genetics. It's most often 'awful' diet. There's no reason you can't get big, just give yourself a chance to grow.


A Side Flex..

But anyways, what do you guys think I should improve on the most? I currently got off a 5x5 routine and here were the final stats:

Week 1:
Squat - (205x5)x3
Bench - (155x5)x3
Deadlift - (225x5)x1
Dips - (10x8)x2
Power Clean - (140x3)x5
Military Press - (95x5)x3
Pull-Ups - BWx8, BWx6

Week 4:
Squat - (215x5)x3
Bench - (170x5)x3
Deadlift - (250x5)x1
Dips - (35x8)x2
Power Clean - (160x3)x5
Military Press - (100x5)x3
Pull-Ups - BWx10, BWx8

I am doing this routine now:

Monday: Quad Dominant / Calves
Tuesday: Upper Body Pull
Thursday: Hips/Ham Dominant
Friday: Upper Body Push

Any suggestions?


Thank you. And I try not to worry about that genetics crap and from now on I'm just gonna focus on getting bigger. I'm just eating everything in sight right now, my metabolism is that wild.


In regards to what to work on, well get your strength up and as most everyone on here will say, get some size on ya. At 5'9" you can most definitely stand to hold a good bit more weight. I'm 5'9" and don't really start looking bulky until around 215 or so. Also work on getting clean calories in instead of just "everything in sight." Even with a fast metabolism it's always better to eat quality calories instead of garbage.


It's a long path. Be consistent and you'll do fine.


Alrite I will do some research tonight about the best foods possible to stay anabolic through-out the day. What worked best for you? I feel like my body responds to fat and protein very well. But I am only assuming if anything.


you actually have good genetics, because no matter how much bodyfat you put on, you know it will come off easily when you do decide to lean out


x2. You look like you have a good frame/base to build off of as well.


:slightly_smiling: And is that you in that pic??


I feel for you. I had a similar epiphany within this year, realizing how much effort I'd put into this and how long I'd been doing it (even longer and more serious than you), but not seeing what I felt should be the result of my work. I'm only a little bigger than you, but a lot stronger. Just getting your lifts up will do quite a bit. Invest some time into learning how to eat and removing the emotional aspect (thinking you're eating x calories and such) through documentation. Until I started logging my food, I never realized how much food 3500cal truly is. Strive for progress in the gym every time you step in there. Just a few tips I recently realized to accept as small things to keep in mind to yield big returns.


Thank you.. I have been lifting though so that's prolly why it looks like I have a good base. You're arms are crazy man, damnn..


Hey I recently finished off a cycle of Starting Strength and I think that by your numbers (your bench is much better then mine, but squat and deadlift are lacking) you could still get some great results from the program. You have a good physique to start off with and a solid base for all of your lifts, but I think that SS would still be a program you should look into. I know exactly what you mean by the way this site humbles you when you join it haha.


I'll buy a journal today and come up with a good list of foods to shop for. I want to maximize my nutrition and exercising as much as possible. I want to get twice as strong in 1.5 years. Gotta get them lifts up!


I'll start it up again after this routine. My legs are def. lacking. I actually squat ATG, ass just an inch from the ground. Dunno if that makes a difference. And this site humbled me AND motivated me more than anything. How long were you on Starting Strength for?


Yer make sure you eat plent 500 calories above your maintenance with clean foods with plenty of food and don't be scared to add a little body fat. And lift with intensity.


Well it's going to be 3 months at the end of Sept. I finished my two months August and made great gains on my squat and dead, and some decent results on my bench. I can repost my results if you'd like?