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I Read 5/3/1 Forever, Can I Just Get Straight Answers?

Ok pg 182 or whatever.
Limited time template bbs
Monday- Warm-up/Mobility
Squat-PR set
Bench-work up to tm x 1 rep, 10x5@fsl
Kric Row-1x10,1x20+
Deadlift-work up to tmx1 rep,10x5@fsl
Ohp- pr set
Kroc row-1x10,1x20+

How are we supposed to work up to a 1 rep training max
Honestly how tf do you do the work sets
What is a pr set
What’s 10x5@fsl
Do i use 85% tm
Why won’t someone help me?!??!
I clearly don’t get how this works why is it so hard to answer I just wanna do this program
I’m seeing the template but what do I do with it?
Take elements from other templates from the book?

Just help…

This is getting ridiculous, but here you go:

For squat, you progress through the 531 sets and reps, with the final (heavy set) being a PR set. So, for week 1, you’d do:
65%x5; 75%x5; 85%x5+ (as many as you can for the last set)
For bench, if you have a TM of, say, 200 lbs, you’d work up to a single at that weight. There are many options, but start light and keep adding weights (keeping reps pretty low) until you finally do a single at that weight. Then, drop down to your 65% weight (that’s the first set on week 1) and do 10 sets of 5 reps at that weight (that’s the BBS).
Then grab a dumbbell. Let’s say you weigh 150. Grab maybe a 45-50 lb dumbbell and do a set or two of 10 rows with it. Then grab the 75 lber and try to get 20 or more Kroc rows. Youtube this movement if you don’t know what it is.

So, to sum:
PR set = progress through your 531 percentages and go for a PR on the heaviest set.
Work up to TM = start light and keep adding weight to the bar until you reach a single rep at your TM.
BBS = do the “first weight” for that week (65% for week 1) and do 10 sets of 5 reps with it.

Kroc row = doing about 20 reps with half your bodyweight. Do a warmup or two first with slightly less weight than this.

Got it?


Check out his post history dude. Guy is a C+ troll at best.

Or he’s so insanely dumb and lazy that he hasn’t comprehended simple concepts like a training Max or PR set after three weeks

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Read the previous books to get better understanding of the program.
It’s like trying to understand algebra without going through basic math first.

That was very unnecessary i’m not used to this way of training

Maybe that was the problem i only read 5/3/1 forever because it was the latest book

Thank you soooooo much

Although this may be true,

Is more a reading comprehension and lack of googling issue…

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