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I Ran 10 miles!!


I have never run that far before in my life. My previous records were 7 miles, and for one hour. I was going to go for 50 minutes today, but got to a half hour and felt great, so I was like, screw it, go to an hour.

My knees felt like they had lead in them, and my feet had minor blisters, but the weirdest thing was happening: I was BARELY sweating, my heart wasn't even pumping hard, and I wasn't out of breath at all. I got to an hour and felt great still so I went to 70 minutes, then 75. I realized then that I was 25 minutes away from 10 miles. So I buckled down and did it! At the end I really felt like I could've gone for 2 more miles, hell, 5 more even. I was not tired in the least. My knees/feet/ankles weren't any worse than they were at the 30 minute mark, I was still barely sweating (my shirt was dry after hanging up at home for like 10 minutes), heart rate was barely elevated, and I wasn't breathing hard.

I think this is the first time in my life that my mind/heart/lungs outlasted my body, because my body was definitely sorer and more taxed than any of those things, even if for the most part I'm not in any pain or discomfort. Usually when I'm lifting i fail mentally, or just exhaust my Oxygen supply, or my heart can't beat fast enough to pump my blood quickly enough. This was an absolutely awesome feeling. I actually did a full abs session after I was so untired!
I get these days every now and then (I guess everyone does) where I'm just at an absolute peak physically or cardiovascularly or whatever.

I love it. I still remember the first time I ran for 60 minutes. I did 30, 35, got to 40 and figured F it, go for 60. I had never done that before, but once I did it once, I found I did it a few times per week no problem.

I posted about it in my workoutjournal (basically the same thing I wrote here)




Way to rain on his parade, dickface.

Great job man. I think we all have these moments sometimes.

Damn I can't even jog a mile, let alone 10...


Just a reminder that there is always room for improvement. Great job though.


Time to step it up.


I just drove ten miles, and now I am out of breath.


I was a competitive distance runner for a while (yeas ago) and the first time I ran that far was a similar experience.


Nice work, keep it up. Most i've ever done is about 15 miles in a marathon.


There will be no looking back now!

That takes me way back. I remember the first time I ran three miles. The last several hundred yards I was so focused on sucking wind. I couldn't shollow, saliva was running down my chin and I didn't have the energy to wipe it off. Must have been quite the sight.

Now it takes me three miles to get a really good warm-up. That first run was so hard now I stop when I run out of food.

I always tell people. It just keeps on getting better and better. Enjoy these moments, they only happen first time round!


Runners high , love it


good job and keep it up!



I ran ten miles too.

Well, since birth. I think.


Try masturbating. You won't gain your breath any quicker, but you'll feel better.

Much better.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^same here can't jog worth shit on a treamill.....


it's a great feeling to reach and surpass goals.
keep up the good work man.


While I'm running?


Running is almost all mental. Once you get to the point that you can physically run 5-10 miles nonstop on a consistent basis you'll realize that your max mileage is about double to quadruple that.

I absolutely hate running now but if I dedicate a solid month to running I can get to the point that I can keep a 7:30 minute mile pace for 60-120 minutes...and I'm miserable every single one of them.

Transfer that mental strength over to your lifting and you should see some good gains if you eat enough.


I had alot of injuries once I got over 50-55 miles a week.


Yeah, but how much do you squat?


There's an idea...

(goes running)