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I Quit Smoking


Man its been 5 days since having a smoke. I want to kill people. But I am sane and in control. But there sure are a lot of dumb fucks that need a good head bashing.

So far its going good. The first three days were hell on wheels. But now the cravings are subsiding and they hit you out of the blue so they seem stronger. I just have to keep telling myself to stay away from old habits and I will make it.

A msg to smokers
If you smoke and I know there are some here that still do but will not admit it. You can do it! If I can make it 3 days "the first hump" so can you! There is a light, taste buds and sense of smell at the end of the tunnel.


Congrats, DB!
Although I find it surprising that you've been here for 2 years and are just now kicking it.

Nevertheless... I believe you can expect better gains now as well.


This made me lol.

But really, good job with that. One of my friends quit smoking a few months back and has been making much better gains lately.


I notice my muscles feel full and stay pumped longer. Although that could be something else I am taking shhhhhhhh


Good job... don't go back!


Hang in there buddy. It's been almost three years since I quit. I'm always surprised at the number of people who power lift that still smoke. My motivator was the cash savings. Now it all goes on supps.

Pick up a new habit to fill the void. Masturbate more.


Yeah those are a bit more frequent now too. And more rock hard!


Yeah... but that's my problem. I need to find a better habit to replace masturbation.



congrats! youll feel so much better as the days go on. i kicked the habit to start the new year and been good since.


I don't smoke, I'm a dipper.

It's time to quit, been at it almost 20 years. Tough to even imagine.

So keep it up dude, strong work!



Today is my 7th day without a cig. The first 4 were the worst, my whole body itched and I felt like I wanted to rip my skin off for about half the day(when at work mostly).

I guess I also did a few things to help not smoke, like I spend nearly every waking moment when not at work either at the gym, riding my bike, or out jogging. This above anything else has helped me a ton, if I keep active I do not feel any sort of craving or withdrawal issues.


i quit smoking after ten years ( i am 27 now )for muay thai. stopped it for 11 months ... my anerobic conditioning got better faster, but there was no faster muscle gains. just eat an apple evertime you normaly do something where you smoke. just stay away from alcohol for some weeks. partying and going to clubs is not a real problem in us, cause you arent allowed to smoke in clubs. am i right ?

Now i have a slap lesion type II and i need surgery in september. no fights, no hard training for 4 months after surgery. to be honest that was a real set back. i started smoking again 3 weeks ago...

now i really feel like shit. smoking is awful. hope i can stop again soon.


Congratulations , it took me 3 times to quit, The first time I quit I got sent home from work for insubordination, the second time I quit I got a divorce , the third time was a charm. The patch worked wonders. Funny I have not smoked for 11 years but on occasion I reach for a cigarette.


COngrats. I smoked for 10 years. I quit a little over three years ago, one of the best things I ever done for myself. What helped me was bubble gum. Lots and lots of bubble gum. The cravings I got while driving were the worst...... But after a couple weeks the cravings get much less.

Funny though, I occasionally have dreams where I am smoking. They are real vivid dreams too, so vivid that when I wake up, I actually feel guilty.

Anyways, keep it up, take it one day at a time, and try bubble gum. Just keep shoving it in your mouth. Good luck!


Good job Dirtbag, stick with it man. That's one tough addiction to beat, but you can do it.


I had one of those dreams about a month ago. I walked into the variety store, got a pack of Players Light, small regular and was part way through my second cigarette before I remembered I'd quit a long time ago. Normally I don't crave them anymore except sometimes when a really good song comes on the radio.


Keep up the fight, once it's won you will look back at those years you smoked feeling stronger than ever. I must admit I get a kick of superiority when I run up the stairs and look back at my smoker friends who are wheezing their lungs out. And the knowledge that when your peers look 60 and you look 40, it'll make it that much sweeter.

I just can't imagine picking up a habit that's meant to be enjoyed, only to feel awful when I don't have it. That's not a healthy relationship no matter how you look at it.


i quit chewing tobacco nearly 6 months ago, never made it this far, i've quit countless other times and failed, i do have the occasional cigar every other week though



Yo check it out. I don't even smoke and I wanna pick this shit up. I hear it's good for quitting, though.


There are zero benefits to smoking. When you question yourself and dont' come up with an answer as to why you smoke, it only makes sense to give up. And don't say stress. Smoking doesn't make ANYTHING go away.

What's amusing about smokers is how they are ALL "going to quit soon". One guy at my work said he was quitting this week, that was on Monday. Come Friday he is still smoking, and obviously he said he is going to quit Saturday. I have a $10 bet with him to say he won't lol.