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I Quit Banging


Man its been 5 days since having a bang. I want to kill people. But I am sane and in control. But there sure are a lot of dumb fucks that need a good head bashing.

So far its going good. The first three days were hell on wheels. But now the cravings are subsiding and they hit you out of the blue so they seem stronger. I just have to keep telling myself to stay away from old habits and I will make it.

A msg to bangers
If you bang and I know there are some here that still do but will not admit it. You can do it! If I can make it 3 days "the first hump" so can you! There is a light, taste buds and sense of smell at the end of the tunnel.


But, but banging is fun! Ru you talking about p in the v or smoking?


Is there another use of the word banging other then the slang for fucking? Gang banging maybe?


It can mean doing heroin as well, but I don't think that's what he means.


I'm sorry but you deserve no reward. 5 days is not that long. at all.


Bang? I take it you are quitting smoking? Chew on toothpicks and gum if you want. Eat a shit ton of food.

Let us know how things go after the 10th day.


that is not a real tattoo in you avatar... is it?



It was on a bad tattoo website, so its as real as real can get, though I thought it was awesome not bad lol


Hahah!! I hear that! Good Luck!


Jesus ... attention deficit disorder is rampant on this site isn't it


I think he quit banging his blow up doll


Yah I don't know what he means by "banging", is gang banging so addictive? I had no idea! Maybe he's talking about Crystal Meth?

Urban Dictionary


to inject a drug intravenously
That guy bangs every drug he gets. He even bangs adderall and shit.

  • Adam


Bangers and mash, that's what I think he means.


Dude, banging someone is for middle school.

Or are you shooting up Monosodium glutamate?


I didn't know how dangerous you were.
Disregard the bad comments I made of full house. It really is an awesome show.

just want to be on the safe side.


In case someone has read this far and not figured it out: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/i_quit_smoking

I liked "the first hump" part. Is that where you drew your inspiration?


Mmmmmm, now I'm hungry....


Oh I get it! Man this guy really likes his sausage and potatoes!


So this guy posts an "I quit this thread" and just changes what he quit? First he quits cigarettes and now quits banging...What's next he quits his boyfriend?

  • Adam


Maybe he cut of his bangs...