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I Put On Weight Fast.


Ok, some info, I am 19, just started working out about a month ago. I used to work out last year (january - may) then i got a job carrying bricks around all summer so I stopped training.

I am 6'2 weigh 184. I cant really give an educated guess on my bf% but its not high.. maybe 12-15%. I believe that i am in a good postition to lift, and have some great gains.. cause I can eat so much food... im not on a diet, but I pay attention to what I eat, and how many calories.. probably about 4000 a day maybe even more, and I try to eat SOMETHING every 2 hrs, my protein intake is at least 200g a day. I take no suppliments other than multi vitamin.

so heres the thing shocking me, my first workout wich wasnt even quite a month ago.. i think it was around jan. 25th I weighed 176, I always wear the same clothes to the gym, same scales and eat pretty much the same thing before i hit the gym. Is this just newbie gains? or you think im putting on about 1:1 ratio of fat to muscle?


2 pounds a week is reasonable for a newbie starting to put on muscle mass. More than 2 pounds a week and you'll probably start to gain a little more fat than you'd like, but most people (especially beginners) can put on 2 pounds a week with hardly any change in body fat.