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I Prefer the Old Forums


Why do I prefer the old forums?

The old ones were easy to understand, layout - design were less confusing.

I don’t spend much time on T-Nation anymore because the way its formatted just doesn’t seem intuitive.

This is coming from someone whom years ago was very active on T-Nation to maybe a few visits every year.

I think I spent more time today just trying to figure out what all were old posts and to avoid posting anything or responding, not time well spent.

I’ll probably just give up on the forums and stick to reading articles at this point.


That was 100% your own decision.

Reality Check: You were pretty active in 2007, '08, and '09, but…

You had all of 12 posts throughout all of 2010.
23 posts in 2011.
7 posts in 2012.
18 posts in 2013.
Zero posts in 2014.
Zero posts in 2015.
Zero posts in 2016 (the year the new setup went into effect).
6 posts in 2017.
Zero posts in 2018.
And this thread is your 6th post this year.

You weren’t anything resembling “very active” in this forum for years before the changeover. That’s entirely on you.

Bullshit. You “gave up” on the forums a long, long, long time ago for your own reasons. That’s fine and it happens, but don’t pretend to blame the site.


I prefer the way my body looked when I first signed onto the forums.


I prefer protein in large plastic jugs, as G-d intended.

Also offended by all these new Diet Coke flavors. I liked the original “mystery chemicals ” taste.


I prefer the color palette of the old forums 100%, I would love if we could have a “dark mode” option on this layout


Yup. Been years, and this is still awful, haha.


I prefer the Earth when humans weren’t here yet. What a site to see. The biologist in me would be very happy.

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I too like to complain about free things.


By “in me” do you mean “I like biology” or a more literal sense?


Haha. Well I do like biology, and I also am a BS Biology graduate

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I do prefer the old forum look, and functionality, but it isn’t an absolute deal-breaker for me. This just takes some time to learn to navigate.

In all honesty, I probably like the old way because I spent a lot of time learning it and am familiar with it, but I am sure that this will grow on me as well.

It would be nice to get a “night theme” or a “dark mode” as was mentioned up there.

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Just install a night theme/night mode on your browser. That does it for me


Is it just some kind of thing that I install in Chrome? I didn’t realize that I could do such a thing with web pages themselves if it wasn’t a native function of the site.


I miss gif avatars. I went ghost for a few years then came back and realized my avatar was frozen, part of me died inside

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Sorry man, not familiar with chrome…been using firefox for the longest time. You could Google something like “chrome add ons” or “chrome extensions” though and look for a dark mode or something. Just play around with the keywords


Along with that, the avatars are comically small and cropped now.


My goodness, some of the gif avatars were great. I can still remember a few of them.


I use deluminate and it works well with 98% of websites


I will have to try that.


One thing that has improved about this forum over the old one is the ability to create a draft of response and come back to it later.

I lost so many posts when I went to go submit them. I actually got in the habit of copying and pasting my entire post to the clipboard in case it didn’t submit.

So I would literally get done with my post and then hit CTRL + A, then CTRL + C, then CTRL + V before submitting a message.

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