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I, Powerbuilder


I recently purchased 'Powerbuilding Basics' by Josh Bryant & Brian Dobson - it's a very good read for anyone interested.

For the next 12 weeks I'm going to do one of the routines written in the book.

It's a Limit Strength based program - with a deload every 4 wks.
I've made a spreadsheet (for the first 4wks): http://www.mediafire.com/?4eblew8hfhz8rb8

My current 1RM's:
DL: 518 x 1
FS: 330 x 1
BS: 395 x 1

OHP: 198 x 1
BP: 319 x 1
Dec.BP: 330 x 1

1RM's used for the program:
DL: 485 x 1
FS: 308 x 1

OHP: 176 x 1
BP: 303 x 1

Starting on Mon 4th April...


let's get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty strong. Let's see what you've got.


Noice! No more HPM?


Cool, I have the support of the I M M O R T A L

Thanks man - I'll do my best :slight_smile:

Hey man - it was time for a change, I've been looking out for a strength program and this looked good.
So I thought I'd give it a go.


sounds interesting!!

looking it up right now..


BTW, "noice" is my lame way of saying "nice", as in "I'm excited for this new log!"

Lol, let's get it going man


Thanks for stopping by - hope you found something of interest.

Lol! your funny man, it's cool we use 'noice' where I'm from as well - in fact Australia copies pretty much every term that American's come up with :slight_smile:


I did know you were from Australia. That calls for another . . . . noice! haha


Decided to set a couple of 'fitness goals' that I'm going to go for:

a) Jump Rope: 3 min / 30 sec rest repeated 6 times (Not very hard I know, but I'm pretty ordinary at Jump Rope and its something I'd like to be effecient at)

b) BW Blitz:
Grasshopper x 20
Burpees x 20
Push Ups x 10
Side to Side Jumps x 20
Staggered Push ups 10 each arm
Mountain Climber x 20
Lunges x 10
Inch Worm x 10

3 times through

Again nothing really special - I'm sure there's people here who would smash this easy, maybe even almost a warm up...but again it's an area I'd like to improve + it makes for good conditioning.

So yeh.. a couple of goals that I'm hoping to reach..


Had a really easy weekend - did nothing at all; just ate food, studied etc.
First time doing this in about 4 months - felt great.

I did go and do some dunks at the local court (the vert thread got me interested), it had been awhile since I last tried to do some - got a couple of dunks in, need to work on technique though. Was doing this for about 15mins until I was asked to leave - for dunking?? Apparently there's a no dunking policy at the stadium - very lame.


A weekend off always feels good.

I've been sticking with the PLP Challenge by Waterbury that was posted about 2 weeks ago. It definitely just feels good to spend a little time each day with some body weight exercises to get the heart rate up.


It definitely works wonders!

I remember reading in your log that you were doing CW's PLP, I might give it a go as well - after the first 12 wk phase. Looks like a cool thing to do before going for a swim or something...

Mon 04/04/10

Note: The first four weeks are like a prep phase - the weight goes up to about 90% on the main lifts around wk 3 (with a deload on the 4th).
After these first four weeks the weight starts to go above 90% + go for maxes etc.

Wk 1

A. BP Paused - 2 reps
1 @ 195
1 @ 210
1 @ 225
1 @ 240
1 @ 260

B. BP Touch and Go - 5 reps
1 @ 240

C. Wide Grip BP Paused - 6 reps
2 @ 195

D. Dead BP (1min Rest) - 1 rep
6 @ 225

E. Dips - 5 reps
2 @ 20
2 @ 30
1 @ 40

F1. Lateral Raises - 6 reps
1 @ 30
2 @ 40

F2. Face Pulls - 10 reps
1 @ 30
2 @ 75

G. Side Plank
Left side:
1 @ 55 secs
Right side:
1 @ 45 secs

H. Prone Plank
2 @ 1min

A really enjoyable intro day - was still in HPM mode with the paused BP, but form tidied up towards the end. The Wide and Dead BP felt really good, I bench with a widish grip so the wide bench was close to the width of the power rack - felt great on the shoulders.

Looking forward to adding some more weight in the coming weeks..
(my side planks need huge improvement)

Did some Jump Rope this arvo, to see where I'm at etc.
Was able to complete 1 min rounds fairly easy, my skill was letting me down - ordered a new rope as the one I currently own is too small. Kept it under 15 mins, but consistency will be the key if I'm to be proficient and reach the goal of 3 min rounds x 6...


Tues 05/04/11

A. FS - 3 reps
1 @ 230
1 @ 260

B. FS (Explosive) - 3 reps
6 @ 200

C. Oly Paused Squat - 5 reps
2 @ 242

D. 1 Leg DB DL - 6 reps
2 @ 75

E. Natural GHR - 4 sets x amap

F. EZ Preacher Curl - 8 reps
2 @ 100 / Drop to 65(on 2nd) - 8 reps / Partials @ 65 8 bottom 8 top x 2

G. DB Hammer Curl with iso holds - 8 to 10 reps
2 @ 35's

Another enjoyable session - Oly Paused Squats are pretty cool.
First time doing 1 leg DB DL - felt good on the hamstrings, hopefully I can go heavier next time.


Keeping my eye on this. I have the book too and I was thinking about running one of the programs!

Did you divide the working weights by the starting maxes to get the percentages?


Hey man - thanks for stopping by,

Yeh thats pretty much what I did.
The lifter's beginning + (result) numbers were included:
so I went through each week and divided the lift done on that day by his starting number - to get the percentages for the main lifts. Hope this makes sense?

So once I had the percentages I just added my maxes for the program.
An example just in case I'm confusing: (these were rounding off figures btw - but fairly close)

Week 1 - Bench Press
Set 1: 65%
2: 70%
3: 75%
4: 80%
5: 85%

Week 2
1: 75%
2: 77.5%
3: 82.5%
4: 87.5%

(I'm doing the program on pg 76, I think it's mentioned again somewhere in the routines section as well)


Thurs 07/04/11

A. CGBP (decline)- 5 reps
Did ebomb style for warm-ups - paused with 3/4 lockout (these felt really good and got the triceps going) put on the TK sleeves and went back to conventional for worksets.
2 @ 242 - could of gone heavier, wanted to concentrate on form - haven't done them in ages.

B. Depth Plyo Push Up - 2 x 6
C. Bench Plyo Push Up - 2 x 6

D. OHP - 6 reps
2 @ 140

E. Rear Delt Flyes - 3 x 10 @ something.....
F. Dicks Press - 8 reps
2 @ 90
3 @ 110

G. Hanging leg raises - 3 x 10
H. Deadbugs - 2 x 10

First time using elbow sleeves (TK) - love them, keep the elbows very warm - no pain in elbows etc. Another good intro session - looking forward to getting more weight on.

Did some jump rope yesterday, did a few 1 min rounds until my rope broke! Ordered a larger size, managed to break my closeline yesterday too, it was a good day :slight_smile:


Bumping to make sure it went through....


Awesome man! I'm going to be doing the program right above it (the one for BJ Whitehead.)

Thanks for the tip! Best of luck to you


No worries man - all the best to you as well.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Are you preping for a meet?