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I picked up an ugly girl

I picked up a girl last night. She looked good IN the bar, but when we got out… DAMN! The data were changing. Fortunately she seemed like a nice girl anyway, so I tought I should stick around and see.

So we entered her appartment and chatted. She told me she wanted to roll a joint. Fine. Only, we ended up a little too high , and I started feeling paranoia.

Then the nightmarre began. She started talking endlessly about her life. She spent an unbearable amount of time talking about her ex-boyfriend, and how he was a jerk, treated her bad, etc.

And on top of that we didnt have sex. She said she was too uncomfortable having sex with a guy she met for the first time. Even tough SHE made me buy condoms. It was her initiative.
I can understand that, but still, it was a little upsetting.

Now the problem is that she wants me to call her. She says she wants to see me again , and I wasnt able to say no. I have her phone number , but she does not have mine.

I’ve avoid calling back with other girls in the past, but I feel really bad doing this to her. Any suggestions on how to handle this :wink: ???

 LOL, I LOVE these stories. That's hilarious dude.

 Do you like her in a more than friends way?

 Than you know what to do.

 Just in case you don't, you have two options:
 *Don't call her.
 *Call her and explain to her she's a nice girl, but it wont work out between the two of you.

 I personally prefer the don't call her approach, the exception being if she's a real sweetheart. And even then I'd be careful, because you might jurt her just as much as you would by not calling her.

 Good luck there boy!

Nice work. :wink:

I’ll allow others to field the question.

Don’t call her if you aren’t sincerely interested in her. It’s pretty simple.

Here’s an answer for myself.

Quit worrying with this kind of meaningless story, and get on with your life;)

I don’t think you should call her.

“I gotta a lot of livin’ to do before I die and I ain’t got time to waste.” – 50

He’s been shot more times than I’ve been laid. His words are golden. So, do you have time to waste? Sip Bacardi likes it’s your birthday.



Ugly Girl: Hello?

T-Man: Uh, Hi, yeah, I uh, It’s T-Man and you know, I said I’d call and well, ah, you see I um have this really, really bad rash and you ah, well it’s not just the rash you see it’s the well, it’s the fact that the only relief I get is by having my cat lick it and well puss-wise it’s not so…

Ugly Girl: click

I love helping others.

“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too”

~ Rodney Dangerfield

Its ok not to call. You’d only be following precedent set by numerous guys who have picked up the wrong girl, lied and said they’d call, and then didn’t call. Really, there’s no blame. You’re male. Live it up.

I think the real question is why did you pick up an ugly girl in the first place?? Also once you found out she was ugly, liked talking endlessly about her ex, and wouldn;t sleep with you why did you stick around ans waste your precious time.
Three words: I am Gay

Another possibility is: Welcome to sumpsville baby, population you

:slight_smile: Groove

I’d call her and say that she really is a nice girl, and you’d like to spend more time with her, but you have two other female friends who just want to bang you all the time, and unless she does the same (you are a horny guy) you just won’t be able to see her.

Simple: Don’t call her.

Don’t get stuck with an ugly girl if you’re not interested.

Dude, we’ve all been there, except for Nate who only seems to attract hot girls :wink:

You need to move on or else you’re going to get into worse trouble.

She reeks of neediness, issues, self-help books, romance novels, cats, and Ben & Jerry’s. Get the hell away from her.

Hit that shit!

What the hell? Do I have to spoon feed you guys here? Don’t make me start giving advice on this forum, I do too much of that already on my own.

Look at it this way:

Everything you do teaches you something. Unpleasant situations, like gnawing off you hand to get away from some ugly skank will give you great stories to tell later. Plus, it’s an opportunity! Who knows what will happen? It might be one of the best things you ever did.

Suffering is part of life. So is joy. Embrace them both, be a man (or a T-man…what the hell ever)

Nail it, nail it again, then again… as long as the sex stays good keep tapping. When it’s gets boring…ease on down the road. It’s a classic style.



I’m still trying to figure out how it’s possible! LMAO!

At least you got to catch a buzz…A necessity if you have to listen to somebody drone on about their very uninteresting life…And ofcourse she wants you to call her, she’s ugly. I’d just write it off as a free high, even if not that enjoyable, then avoid the shit out of her. If she calls you tell her to get bent. You are not obligated, so don’t; otherwise she’ll guilt your ass all the way to the alter.

Nail her first, then don’t call her anymore…DUH!! Just because she isn’t that attractive doesn’t mean she won’t be great in the sack…Skinny girls are all the same once the lights go down…

Dude, is she uglier than your hand?

That’s all you need to know.

Hey, Ugly girls need loving too!