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I Pay My Dues Every Day. Do You?


If all you wanted to say was that you have to push yourself, why in the WORLD did you make your post so godamn drastic? Chugging a protein shake and a can of tuna at 3 AM? Bleeding shins? Puking?

Listen, there is one truth about pushing yourself, and it's the only thing that I believe: to be the best, you have to tell yourself that you are the best. Page and Clapton looked down on other guitarists (even Hendrix). And they had every reason too. Unless this is a hobby, there is nothing better than egotistical cockiness to motivate you. End of story.

These posts need to stop.


You have to join a different gym. How inconvenient is it to pay dues every day?


Why is everybody so F*CKING stupid?


Hey, everyone needs something to do on the recovery days (or even while they're waiting for the post-workout drink to go down) and their girl is like, "you come home from the gym and you're dead tired, your hands and shins are all busted up...why do you do this to yourself?"

Aside from some horrible overwriting, it's a nice sentiment.

Why indeed.


The reason my post was so drastic?
Maybe, to show: commitment, dedication, perseverance, pride, determination.

Now, I am not trying to say you need to go to the gym and set a goal to puke and cut up your shins everyday, but you should be putting forth your best effort and then some. That was the intention of my post; which was, as I said before, apparently missed.

Effort, inside and outside of the gym in most cases, leads to progression.


if you touch it more than twice your playing with it...


You know Brandon, I think in some few cases you are preaching to the choir. Some of the vets are hardcore, dedicated, and imbued with an intensity that scares some people. To them this kind of thought and action is old hat.

It's the others that take issue with this that worry me. The guys that hang it up as soon as they sense a twinge of fatigue. They claim that these workouts are too intense, that they might over train. The guys that can't believe that anybody could achieve a high level of performance without chemicals, because they haven't pushed enough to realize any results. The "what about these calouses" types. It Never occured to them to bite them off, chew on it a few seconds, then spit it out and grab the bar.

Those are the ones that can't relate to this type of passion and intensity. They just don't have it. Some even know just enough to screw themselves too. They are afraid of emotional intensity and make a bunch of excuses. They will never get it.
I bet they screw the same way too. Make it a tedious dispassionate chore, then do it to maintain the fascade of manhood that they were born with, and thats just sad.

So fuck'em! Keep pushing harder. Scare the little pussies so that they whon't even come near you, and eventualy you will leave them in your dust.
Have fun!


Lame as the original!

Chew your callouses off and spit the out. Yah, that's right. Now you've proved something.
Emotional intensity--I wish you could see me sticking my finger down my throat on that one.
Fascade of manhood--boy you're just trrying to hit all the high notes now.

How about you just go to the gym and workout.
How about you can the fake scorn bullshit.
How about instead of trying to prove something to everyone around you, you just bust your ass and walk out.
But no, you'd rather look like you're working hard than just work hard.

I have to go puke now, deadlift day ya know


The Animal website makes me think of a Bohemian GNC. With extra angst.



Hell, I don't think I've ever even farted squatting. Thanks for the motivation.

"Squat Till You Fart. This Is Animal. Can You Handle It?"


Come on Brendan. Don't try to pass this off as original. You took bits and pieces of the animal pak bylines. I hope your doing this tongue and cheek. If not, very, very lame. Does any of this look familiar?

"You wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Twice. You carry a cooler with six meals for the day. You weight out your protein, carbs, and fat, down to the last gram. You'd rather miss a day of training than a meal. You also know that over 90% of pros use a supplement like Animal Pak as their nutritional foundation. Because training, drugs, and dieting drain your body of essential nutrients. Because Animal Pak's got it all. And because that Animal next to you has a can in his locker. This is more than a bodybuilder's multi. This is the Animal Pak. Can you handle it?"

"You?re out of toilet paper but your counter is full of supplements.
You don?t eat out, but there?s 40 pounds of chicken in the fridge.
Your rent is always past due, but your gym dues are paid on time,
every time. This is dedication. This is Animal. Can you handle it?"

"Every day you train is judgment day. Each rep, each plate matters.
You don?t make time for talk. All you care about is moving weight.
Nothing else. This is hardcore. This is Animal. Can you handle it?"


We have a winner!
Oh Sassy, Those types of outbursts could cause elevated cortisol levels and may even lead to a heart condition.
Besides-I don't even lift at a gym. It's either my own place or a few others that have their own setup.

So whats with the hostility?


Perhaps you missed my previous post?


hardly an outburst
Your post sucked as much as the original
plain and simple


Oh come on Sassy. Were having some fun. Besides, I could give a shit less what you think about my writing.
And you used an exclamation point. Thats an outburst, you big scarry animal that roams the great northwest. Your a big outbursting outburster!



You pay your dues every time you embrace the EZ Curl bar with your padded gloves mussing your gelled hair curling in the squat rack. You pay them every time your legs tremble in anguish squeezing up a ten rep max leg extension. You pay them every time you point at yourself in the mirror, flex and grimace. You pay them every time you choke down another stick of butter and hive of bees at three o' clock in the afternoon. You pay them every time you stay up late to study the fitness chicks on ESPN. You pay them every time you exert yourself to the max while taking a shit. This is what you pay just so you can post pure TSB. This is membership in the brotherhood of irony. This is a world where nothing is free. Not even stuff that says "no payments for 90 days". This is mineral. Can you handle it?

Dan "Handling it right now" McVicker


Too funny...


I don't quite understand the thing about the bees, but this is still the funniest post in a while.

The original reminded me of that stupid ad in the magazines every month. The one of the guy sitting there with a weight belt with a few plates on it gasping for air. EXCEPT, he's wearing these weird woolen gloves and in between all the fingers is blood.

Now, I know the guy is all totally hardcore and shit, but what in god's name was he doing that he's bleeding from his finger-webbing? HIIKS (High Intensity Interval Knife Sharpening)?



This will never stop...

This is balls to the walls. No excuses. No bullshit. Hardcore for life.
And when my day has come, I will pack my gym bag and move to that eternal training facility in the sky.
And when you hear thunder rolling in the heavens above, it's the great beyond quaking under my wrath on max effort deadlift day.
And when you see bolts of lightening piercing the nocturnal sky, that unfortunate little angel with the popped halo curling in the squat rack will be curling no more...
Are you ready for incline reverse cable curl Valhalla?
Can you withstand the ten cans of tuna a day mercury inferno?
Will you stand tall in the wake of a fish oil burp straight from hell?
Can you handle it?¿?¿


Holy cow! If I have to start eating sticks of butter I'm out. Thats just goofy.