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I Pay My Dues Every Day. Do You?


Bulking machine inspired me to write this:

Yeah, you shell out your gym dues....nevertheless; it goes well above and beyond that. You pay them every time you embrace the Olympic bar with your blistered palms scuffing your bloody shins dead lifting. You pay them every time your legs tremble in anguish squeezing up a one rep max ass-to-grass squat. You pay them every time you choke down another protein shake and can tuna at three o' clock in the morning. You pay them every time you stay up late to make your meals for the next day. You pay them every time you exert yourself to the max and puke. This is what you pay just so you can respect yourself and call yourself a man. This is membership in the brotherhood of iron. This is a world where nothing is free. This is animal. Can you handle it?


Hmmm...seems that T-mag is having an influx of bodybuilding poets....


Sounds like something off the Animal Pak website


haha, I already respect myself...without choking, puking, or cutting my shins...


5 stars? seriously guys. 5?


Only because it couldn't be awarded a BILLION stars.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I am stupider for having read this.


appreciate the effort and all but this is a bit much.


This shit is just silly. Notice how these "intense" posts have come from people with a couple of years of training under their belt. You can scream all you want about squatting till you crap your pants, but those who are in this for life are a steady burning light, not an explosion of energy that quickly fades.


That would be because it is a direct copy from there Jaybvee. They even have a poster that says it! How about a "Shut the F... Up and Train" shirt to go with it?


How true.
Between this and the 'nobody in my gym knows shit except me' posts, I wonder about our young brethren of iron.
Will they be around in 25-20-10-5-1 year(s) from now.
Especially the plagiaristic ones.


Someday you'll realize this is nonsense...maybe when you scream and miss a deadlift or squat...maybe when you realize that puking is about as catabolic as it gets...maybe when you realize that everyone in the gym is laughing at you...


Direct copy? I don't think so.. Variation? Maybe. Anyhow< aside from everyone else, I found this post motivational, and I was able to relate to it.



Puking may be catabolic, but it's great for the abs. Nearly as good as smoker's cough!!!

I like the idea of a "shut the fuck up and train" t-shirt. That would rock.


I am surprised this got brought up. A while ago (I can't even remember when), I remember reading something out of some muscle magazine similar to this. Do not get me wrong, I did not intentionally copy anything word for word.

After reading "bulking Machine" post, it sparked the idea to post something motivation which could also be understood too since his post was a little hard to understand. My point, which was apparently missed, was not to show you have to kill yourself to see results, but, more along the lines, you do have to push yourself. That's all I intended to illustrate.

Take it or leave it,


Is there a reason why everyone has to get their back up like a bunch of girls?


Massif is my hero.

"Shut the fuck up and train" should be right under "Bodybuilding's Think-Tank" on the T-Nation banner.


I would have to say I agree with this. I have seen it time and time again, and it astounds me to see how people can ruin a decent thread. With that kind of motivation and drive, Brendan, you will go far.

Mark my words,


Appreciate the support.


I think you should spend more time working out than thinking up these crappy primary school poems.
It has the emotional depth of my avatar..... not.


Stay motivated Brendan B. I hope all the puking, anguish, and protein shake choking down pays off for more than membership in "The Brotherhood of Iron". Get some!

Semper Fidelis