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I oppose the war because.....

It may seem simplistic, but when you cut through all the B.S. and rhetoric, there are really only a few reasons to oppose the removal of the Baghdad Butcher. What is it?

A. I oppose all war. Why can’t we just all get along?

B. I don’t like George Bush. If his lips are moving he must be lieing.

C. I don’t like America. Too big, too powerful, too arrogent.

D. Saddam should stay. He just won reelection unanimously, and hell…he only kills Iraqi’s anyway.

I’ve been away from this forum for awhile so let me know.


btw, he won unanimously because, in Iraq, the presidential ballot only has one name it.


I agree w/ the last half of D

You bring up some valid points, longsnapper.

Plus, these damn American women are spoiled and pampered anyway. Hell, half of them need to wear a veil over their face, too.

And another thing, I want everyone - that’s right, everyone - to have the same religion as I do. Dammit.

Guys, we dealt with the same kind of problem with Say. Lets just all do him a favor and NOT respond. I know I’m violating this by responding but this isn’t really feeding his fire.

Since you don’t like America, you must not like Americans, which, everyone on here, except you, are either Americans or like Americans. So, as far as I’m concearned, you are not welcome here.

Let me answer your questions for you:

A. Since you are opposed to war, how many times can a big fucker like me smash your face in before you decide to defend yourself ? America didn’t start this war !!(oh, maybe you’re right, we shouldn’t finish this war, maybe we should lose a few more towers and a few thousand more people before we start slapping hands)

B. You are entitled to your opinion on George Bush. It’s a free country here.

C. I do love America, we are big, powerful, and yes, arrogant. The immigrants who first founded America, and the immigrants who followed, where obviously wanting to build a better life for them and their family. And of course, they did just that.

D. Saddam should not stay, or live. He won reelection unanimously ??? ummm… use your brain on this one.

And as far as him just killing Iraqis, put yourself in their shoes. If your mom was being raped, and your Dad, brothers, freinds, etc. were being killed, wouldn’t you want a Big, Powerfull, Arrogant country to save you and make a better life for you ?

America is Big, Powerful, Arrogant, but we’re also Loving, Giving, and want the best for all of Humanity. War eventually brings peace.

500,000 soldiers died for the liberation of France against the Germans. All we get from them are wine, cheese, and no war support. Fuck France.

I’m a mad sumbitch with a gun. Jihad better never come to my town.

P.S. Certain muslims are stupid: I’d rather live and fuck a few good looking women, with experience than to die and assume there’d be 70 virgins with no “Skills” waiting for me.

P.P.S. why don’t you sit down and drink yourself a big hot cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP !

E. None of the above

huh? You’ve been away Longsnapper? Gee, sorry, I hadn’t noticed. Nice of you to stop by. Stop by again when you can’t stand so long. You’re rationale bedazzles me.

I could be way off base, but me thinks most of you have missed longsnapper’s sarcasm. He’s saying, it seems to me, that if you’re opposed to the war in Iraq, you must, like the idiot Say, be in one of the A-D categories he lists.

Ok, I told myself I’d stay out of political threads from now on, but I have to say something here.

He’s not listing reasons why HE opposes war. He’s breaking down reasons people in general seem to be against the war.

I agree with Hurshel.

Dude’s just trying to be funny. Which is why I made the above post.

Podge relax… I thought the sarcasim was obvious, but maybe not enough. It seems that those opposed to the war fall into one of the four (what I consider ridiculous catagories) I was only hoping that the opposition would see themselves how I see them.

I kinda thought the sarcasm was obvious too. Speaks to the blinding passion some people have on this topic.

Heres a crazy argument to opposing the war, I dont think one American is worth it. If the Iraqis dont want to rebel on their own, then screw them, of course thats not what the war is about in the first place so, we should just MOAB them into a parking lot…

Um…maybe I’m reading the post wrong, but to me it seems like longsnapper is FOR the war and is trying to present some (simplified) reasons why people might OPPOSE it. Seems like he’s doing this to find out why most people who are against the war feel the way they do.

Could be wrong.

Blinding passion indeed Magnus…first thing that came to mind.

People who support the war are good. Those who don’t support the war are bad.

We may have just gottn Saddam!..hell yeah!!!1

Well I thought Mr Longsnapper’s post was kinda obvious - the “when you cut through all the B/S” gives it away.

While I’m not necessarily sure you can present the rationales in such cut and dried terms they are relatively accurate in positing root causes.
Although the following problems are manifest.

[A] A peace loving person will fight when they believe it’s justified. I’m not sure that opposing this war on those grounds logically precludes you beng opposed to all conflicts for the same reasons

[B]Liking Bush vis-a-vis Liking his policies are not the same thing. E.G. Personally, I have no issues with Bush, but I have issued with his policies/ actions and have serious questions about the drive beind his policies and the actual rationale for them.

[C] Sure, some people hate the US, but that has never been associated with supporting Saddam.

and this ties into

[D] No-one, not even the exceptionally rapid Anti-US posters have said nice things about Saddam.

That being said though, at least the analysis presented is better than the penetrating “You’re a good person if you’re for the war and a bad person if you’re not”.