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I Only Want to Do 1 Cycle. 21Years Old. 76kg


Hey everyone. Im 21 been lifting on and off for years since i was 16 never ever been consistant always gaining weight then losing. The past 3 months ive really gotten into it i never really knew what i was doing until now. I know how to eat properly and train properly. I started on 66kg and hit 72kg in 2 months with inconsistant diet but consistant training the past month and abit i put more effort into it macros on point training on point everything ive hit 76kg and am gonna be natural for another 4-6 months. I wanna be 80kg+ bulk by then which will be easy. I dont really care about being the most shredded the most biggest in my head i can see what my ideal physique is and i see myself being able to attain it without the gear easy i find training and diet to be easy and i dont see how nobody else can do it. Im asking for advice from everyone because i want to do 1 cycle and put on some good looking mass. I know where i wanna be and i know id be able to attain it easily with 1 cycle. I dont want to hear from everybody how i shouldnt do it and all that. I dont want people to try and convince me not to im deffinatly going to do a cycle. I just want advice from anyone who has ever just done 1 cycle and years later still retained gains after coming off. I want to know if everything in a persons body after doing one cycle went back to normal etc I want to know what exactly i should take coming offgear i want to know what i should be lookong out for. Im looking for ttips on what would be to take use whatever oral inject. I i should take hgh everythkng. Thanks everyone advice is much appreciated dunno if everything ive typed has made sense


This is one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever read.


You just packed on 22lbs of muscle naturally in less than 16 weeks now that you “know what you’re doing” and you want to cycle?

Give it like a madman!!! ALL the questions you want exact answers are there if you do your own research.

Hopefully those guys who have done only one cycle at a very young / nieve age and managed to maintain their gains years later can chime in and lead you to the promised land




Aside from all of the spelling and grammatical errors… This is fucking stupid!!!



Lol. I felt retarded while. reading. what. he. was. trying. to say…


This clown wants all of this advice… But does NOT want to hear the real advice that people are going to give him. Makes ZERO sense! Advice is advice whether it is positive or negative… You only want to read the positive shit and not the real shit that could happen to you from doing a cycle.