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I Officially Am the Worst

Hi all, so I’ve been powerlifting for two years already. I competed July as my second officially meet. I went 470/280/460 in wraps @242. Also, I’m competing in November I want to go 440/300/525 in sleeves @231. But I can’t fucking Pogress, literally I missed 250 on the 3rd rep today and I got it for a 3x3 last week. I want to progress fast, I’m seeing the records of my age and everyone is so much stronger than me. I just want to go to worlds and win first. Anyone help?

You are officially the worst information-provider. Not necessarily the worst powerlifter.
You did not tell us your actual age, how long you’ve been training, how you train, how tall you are, what your diet is like, any injury history, no lifting videos, no physique pictures. You gave us literally no information to go by, other than the numbers you produced in your last comp, and your desire to be the best powerlifter in the world. So I’m genuinely curious as to what advice you think anyone can possibly give based on this post?


A few things:

  1. At your level, how do you expect to drop a weight class and gain 20 lbs of bench strength, bench being the most sensitive of the three lifts to weight loss. My prediction is losing 10 lbs at a 280 bench level will bring the bench down to 255-260. You got a 250 T&G double. And your failing reps in the middle of a cycle. If your two months away from your meet why are you into triples. Assuming your following linear you would be into 8’s or 5’s at this point. This is what I can come up with based on what you’re posting.

  2. What is your programming like? It reads like your into linear but its tought to tell. If you are into linearI would have you at 5’s up to 3 weeks out, then a week of triples and a week of doubles. The last week would be a deload. The problem here is I suspect that your weight loss has you fucked already.

Send some more info, and we can continue.

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I just read your other thread. you started basically this exact same thread like 2 weeks ago. Get your head right. That’s clearly your biggest problem. You’re pretty damn neurotic.


I’ve never been injured, I’m 18, I’ve been training for around 2 years, I trained on various programs such as 5/3/1, lilliebridge method, candito linear and peaking.

I’m with a coach currently and I’m just following what he is telling me to do. After my meet I’m planning to do a hypertrophey program by Blaine sumner to put on a little more mass before my next meet which is in june

I just looked up that word for a definition and I can’t relate to a word enough. I have a hard time getting out of my head

If you have a coach,
Shouldn’t you be talking to them about this? They’re probably in a much better position to provide feed back on your training

The thing is I’m only neurotic about powerlifting. There is nothing I want more other than success

There are a few possible explanations:
-You have been doing more volume than you can recover from and the accumulated fatigue is affecting your strength. When was your last deload?
-You are cutting weight too fast and it is affecting your strength.
-You just had a shitty day for whatever reason, maybe stress from issues unrelated to lifting or you didn’t sleep well.

Just about everyone sees the same thing when they look at records. They are called records for a reason, they are not some easily attainable numbers that anyone can achieve after a few months of hard training. Not everyone will progress at the same rate either, people often say that powerlifting is a marathon and not a sprint. If you are able to make some noticeable progress between training cycles then you are moving in the right direction, but cutting significant amounts of weight is likely to affect that as well. If you are going nowhere while training hard, eating sufficiently, and sleeping well, then there is something wrong with your programming. Post a week of your training.


im not cutting weight anymore, i am maintaning and im around 235-237. Also i watched something that alan thrall posted. He said dont decrease intensitity during a deload, rather only decrease volume so i did so. I should’ve just did an average deload

i was making progress when i cut so that is a bit weird.

Damn, that’s unfortunate man. Looks like your opportunity for a world’s win is gone.

You need:

  • a coach (looks like this is covered, hopefully a good one)
  • patience, trust and ability to execute
  • desire, belief and determination to work through the suck
  • to stay away from the internet

The middle two are what kills you. How you structure your program is minor in comparisiom and have a look at where your focus is… this is when you’ve hired some to handle that worry for you! Talk about self-sabotage… caused by the last point.

If you know where you’re going and absolutely trust your plan to get there you have a chance. If you second guess everything, catastrophise and dwell on every single thing then you’re doomed.

The thing is I make better progress when I am not with a coach. Also, patience is my problem and so is my ability to execute. Hence why the last meet I got scared from the weight. I have so much desire for powerlifting is one of my biggest priority in life and I will do anything to get that 1st place at worlds. I just have this thing where when I have a good training session I am the happiest person ever and when I have a bad training session in depressed. I think 4 is a good idea.

These can get better. If you are hell bent on research, research on how to improve these aspects, stop messing with your programming and get it done.

Umm… don’t you have a coach? Does he not program your deloads?

As for deloading, there are different ways to go about it. I have found that what works best for me is reducing intensity to 90% of the last week’s working weights and reducing volume to 50%. There isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it as long as it works for you. If you have been coming back from your deloads feeling strong and recovered then it was working for you.

Maybe there is something wrong with the program your coach is giving you. Or maybe it’s all in your head. Post a week of your training.

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I would find someone to talk to. This is somewhat alarming.


why do you think that?

Experience and observation mostly.

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