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I really didn't want to do this because it's so cheezy to ask but...

I submitted a photo from a past trip to a tour company offering a free trip to the owner of the photo that gets the most votes and I really need to get the Hell out of here:


It's a shot of a Santorini sunset overtop a hillside church and I think it's one of the better one's. However, some other wench has over 200 votes for a really lame shot of some other place... Pleeeeeeeze. I have now officially lost all pride but I want to win and I ain't too proud to beg...

Y'all are awesome!


I've watched the Santorini sunset near that church, it was lovely. I didn't vote though.




Aww! I just went to vote but you need a facebook account - i don't have facebook :frowning:

If I remember i'll try to vote through someone else. Good luck!


if you'd post a bikini pic with "i <3 holymac' on your tummy i'd get my entire company to vote.


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That lady must have a lot of friends.


Voted. Take me with.


Thanks, everybody but I'm so far behind now (by, like, 220 votes!) I don't have a prayer. Oh well. Looks like someone else will be getting a free trip to Italy this year - but I knew it was a crapshoot from the start. Maybe I should've posted the pic of the dog :(.

Sorry about the bikini shot, HolyMac. Maybe once I've come back from that strained adductor. It's been a real b*tch and the only thing shredded at the moment is my training :frowning: :(. Working on it, though...