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I Need Your Palate


I've been asked to bake pastries for a Gala event. I've been given the freedom to choose my theme and it is samplings of favorite pastries from around the world. That theme may be modified slightly but I need everyone's help with recipes or ideas or just your favorite desserts in general. I've got two months to practice. The outcome is important for two reasons. Our lifeflight program is trying to get bigwigs to donate so we can buy another helicopter and a jet for medical transports. And there will be chefs and restauranteurs from around the state who's attention would help me on my way to realizing my baking dreams...

Thanks in advance!


I had a lemon Champaign cupcake from a local bakery the other day that was amazing. Cherry limeade cupcakes also very good. This is going to require a little thought to come up with something a little more classy than bake sale fair. Will ponder and get back.


Just cover yourself in whipped cream, strap yourself to a Milwaukee hand truck, model # 40611 (only $124 at your local hardware store) and have someone wheel you right into the building with two little cherries taped to your nipples and an organic strawberry taped to your organic strawberry.


I tried a slice of pesto and lime cake recently. Unusual combo for a cake but it tasted good.


Guy I went to college with, now owns a bakery and his specialty is Watermelon Cheesecake. Its amazing.


Jeesh, Bethie - just say no to Gala Events.

just say no - walk away


Anything with a custard consistency and citrus flavor like key lime pie, or like those little torte thingies.

Also anything raspberry/chocolate.



so far i've got Nanaimo Bars from British Columbia. Canolis from italy of course. Perhaps Flan from mexico.

I forgot to mention that these samplings are going to have to be bite size somehow.

Edit: I also need a handyman to carry my things.


Pastries from around the world?

Pain au chocolat; basically bittersweet/semi-sweet chocolate rolled in croissant dough. I've made these from scratch.

Chinese Red Bean steamed buns: Bao dough with sweet red bean paste inside. I've made these too, from scratch.

Chocolate eclairs. I've never made these though.

I can probably pull together the recipes I used if you want for the first two. At least as a starting point.


Its better than doing weddings. I get absolute creative freedom and no bridezilla


If you could somehow translate the black forest cake into cupcake form you could cover Germany. Or there is always some type of strudel from that same region.

I missed the from around the world part earlier.


baclava. easy to cut into bite-size pieces and delicious


My most recent ex was an incredible baker. She used to get all dressed up in lingerie before she started to make everything, as she claimed it made her more creative and her treats tastier. (har har har)

I'm serious.


I like that kind of attention to detail. Presentation is very important, and a rusty old dolly would not cut it for such an elegant dining experience.


Brigadeiro(bree-gah-day-yo). SUPER simple to make, and reallly good.

Do 3 spoons of unsweetend cocoa, 1 of butter and a can of condensed milk. Throw it into a sauce pan on medium heat and stir cooking slowly until it thickens. Maybe 5-10 min. Let it cool, then roll it into little balls and cover in chocolate sprinkles(my fav) or shredded coconut, crushed nuts etc. Its AWESOME.


like fudge balls. or truffles. cool! i like this one thanks!


just get some donuts from Dunkin - they'll think youre a genius!

no, dont thank me Bethie Dear~


Yup. its from Brazil, the wifey's mom makes it for me all the time. You can get like little mini paper thingies to put them in, look like tiny cupcake wrappers. Do like 2 rows of different toppings. Always a HYUGE hit for parties and super simple to make.

......I never said this but you can use Nestle's Quick powder.....its the Gringo version.

EDIT- for one topping you can use like powdered milk on it like you would use podwered sugar, dont ask me why but its awesome.


creme brule instead of flan.