I Need to Unlock 'Gorilla-Mode'

Was watching a show about gorillas today…I knew they were huge, but never knew how huge their backs were. check this out…Fucking ridiculous; I wish we could break down cellulose from plants like they do.

How will you unlock your gorilla mode?

I want to know, too. I’d suggest a lot of deadlifts and overhead presses, plus pullups and pushup variations, and a shitton of vegatarian food, but I’d like to hear how you plan to manage this. A point to consider is that generally Gorillas are morose, peaceful, and highly social creatures. I think beating your chest on a regular basis is to be recommended- I used to do this to join in with the morning chorus while bellowing. It’s a great start to the day.

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Yeah, we’d only have to eat 40 lbs of vegetation daily!

What if one day science discovers a way to unlock it, but then it goes out of control?

It’s not supposed to be in control, it’s gorilla mode. For science!

Everyone knows unlocking the Predator within you via “The Predator Diet ™” is where it’s at.

Uhh, gorillas are not predators.
This is way different.


Predators are way better!!

Yup. Chimps are predators. Gorillas are like bodybuilders. All show and no go.


Yeah I’d still disagree.
Chimps are still impressive though

I fucking loled at 0:52

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I’ve seen that bold chimp in real life at Twycross zoo, he is pretty solid to be fair. Think he is on creatine. That last bit was a lie but I have seen him :joy:


The falling Monkey coupled with the close up was wonderful.

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Chimps are assholes. When they attack people they go for the eyes and testicles. Who taught them that?

I think there’s something too where we humans only use a small percentage of our muscle fibers when we contract our muscles.
Great apes contract more of them so they end up being incredibly strong.

We’re definetly going to need some training that’s aimed at the CNS then.

Ape not kill ape!!!

Because when you have no balls, you go all the way to the bottom of the hierarchy and you can never go back up. A male with no balls is automatically lower in rank than the lowest female and infants.

You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our muscle fibers? I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts.