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I Need To Put On Meat

You might remember my story… Im the 15 yr old kid with a high metabolism. Well I’m underweight (97 lbs) and I want to put on weight and meat.

I just want to know the best foods to take and the ones to stay away from.
I dont look underweight, my mom actually thinks im crazy, but I can count my ribs by looking in the mirror. :frowning:

There are good articles with specific recommendations like Massive Eating Reloaded.

Here’s what works pretty well for me personally:

Eat every 2-3 hours

Have some protein (meat, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts or milk) with every meal

Eat mostly high-calorie fruit (bananas, grapes etc.) - though I’ll stop for a couple of months when my apples ripen

Cook everything in olive oil

Lots of milk - it’s easy to drink two liters in one sitting

Always have something edible that requires no preparation time available - at least some canned fish or mixed nuts and raisins

Eat enough variety that I don’t get too tired of shoving the same things in my face repeatedly

Don’t bother with anything which takes a lot of work to prepare or eat - no oxtail stew or pizza made from scratch

As much as I love very spicy food (having lived most of my life in Texas) I keep it within reason these days -there is no way to eat something quickly when you’ve got a couple of habaneros in there

Thanks so fatty foods are good if I want to put on weight, like fried food foods.

[quote]All4MyGirl wrote:
Thanks so fatty foods are good if I want to put on weight, like fried food foods.[/quote]

I would stay away from the fried foods with the exception being a cheat meal. Granted you are under weight but no need to get into bad habits early.

My g/f’s brother was in the same situation as you so I can understand where you are coming from. Get yourself some protein powder, just getting that and mixing it with whole milk did him wonders.

With your weight and age, I would go ahead and say grab yourself some burgers or whatever after a workout.

I wouldn’t recommend fried foods. You can get plenty of calories and fat from other sources. Lots of red meat, dairy (if you stomach can handle it) and pasta. when I was a kid and wanted to bulk up my stepfather took me to an Italian restaurant almost every day of the week.

Each day I would have some typed of grilled or sautéed meat, with pasta, a little bit of cheese and a milkshake. Also if you already have a very fast metabolism eating too frequently may work against you. I would focus on just eating bigger meals

[quote]All4MyGirl wrote:
Thanks so fatty foods are good if I want to put on weight, like fried food foods.[/quote]

Sure, but some fats are better than others. Some guys even drink shots of olive oil for extra calories… but at your current weight you should be able to make good gains without going that far.

It’s going to require a lot of experimentation.

For example,I find I can maintain an appetite by limiting desserts and snacks such a as cookies and ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth, but I realize these will leave me not wanting to eat in a couple hours.

I can eat my lunch (nothing major, but likely about 600kcals) at 11:30 and although I’m “full”, I’m still hungry. This way I’m ready for a mid-afternoon snack (consisting of a protein shake w/ olive oil, fruit and nuts) and still once again be famished for dinner. For me I’ve found a difference between fullness and satiety.

Other things I’ve found that work for me are:

chewing gum always makes my stomach growl;

having a protein shake before breakfast (also with olive oil and fruit) since I eat my breakfast at work;

a real key item for me is my pre-bed meal which contains about 70 grams of protein and a fair amount of fat; and

train hard and often. This stimulates appetite.

Even though I’m not bulking, by doing these things and eating at least (6-8 times per day) I put on 15lbs in the last month.

Experiment but be consistent.