I Need to Perfect My Squat

I have finally run into a brick wall and I have to admit… my squats are sloppier than Arnie’s housekeeper.

The problem I am having is that when my thighs are just above parallel I start to feel this incredible tightness in my hips and groin. Since this tightness essentially prevents me from continuing to move on the same path without falling back my body is compensating by dipping my chest which is no good at all.

I am thinking that the culprit is tight or weak hip flexors but what I am not sure of is how to correct the issue. Should I be stretching the hip flexors or strengthening them, or a little of both? I am done squatting until I can address this problem before it becomes an injury.

If you want to stretch them hip flexors out do some lunges and stretch real far out and do some mountain climbers, and get a good stretch on those too (really get your leg back there).

You may need to be doing some psoas activation or glute bridge or something of the sort, but I could be wrong.

These are just some of the things I do before I train legs and I have no problem squatting. Maybe try throwing some jumps and DB swings in there too for a warm-up. I love DB swings before a squat session but that’s just me.

If you feel the tension is in your hip flexors then definitely start working on loosening them up but to get more bang for your buck stretch them like this http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTOxKuGrVSZFsXN5qBkCyAnkKfR4RE_e-i71D_kVcGJpShUVYIY and focus on contracting your glute and tilting your pelvis back to really build a hip stability base. With the chest caving in, i’d have to see you in order to really know, but just in general try to work on your thoracic mobility to help get you into a better position Mobility: T-Spine Extension www.chadwaterbury.com - YouTube

Hope that helps some, if you can get a video up maybe we can identify some more issues

Yeah man it sounds like flexibility will benefit you hugely. I saw the biggest gains by working on my ankle mobility and hip flexibility. This is a great site to learn to squat - watch videos by Dan John and Mark Rippetoe.