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I need to open my wine bottle!!!

Hey guys, I just bought a bottle of wine so I could try one of the Marinades outlined in the Article from last week. The only problem is I don;t drink and I don;t have a corkscrew for this reason. Does anyone have any good tips on opening a corked bottle without a corkscrew?
:slight_smile: Groove

If you have a large wood screw around, you might be able to get it with that. SLOWLY screw it in, and carefully pull. If the cork starts to pull apart, STOP, and try screwing in farther.

Yeah, hop in your car or on your bike and drive down to your local grocery store and go buy a corkscrew. There are things you could try, but you’ll save time and effort by just picking up the correct tool.

I’ve always found that in a jam you can shove the cork into the bottle using the blunt end of a butterknife of something similar and pour from there ;).

A T-Man should at least own a Swiss Army Knife! You can use a screwdriver to poke the cork into the bottle, but it will leave floaties. Filter it through a coffee filter before using it.

Uh, Groove? Have any single gals in your apartment building? Sounds like a really good way to meet some of them. You know kindly ask a chick if she happens to have a corkscrew you can borrow. BTW: get another bottle of wine - and maybe a chick would be interested in a glass. Ohhh, just thinking…

2 words:

a shotgun! :slight_smile:

Holy shit Patricia, that’s a good one. Im going to have to try that some time. Nice.

Or you could just by a damn corkscrew. They’re what, a dollar?


That folks, is pimpage. Nice job, Patricia. :slight_smile:

If I may expand on what Patricia said: You are cooking. Girls like guys who can cook. Do I need to explain further?

If anyone feels like sending me the dollar to buy the corkscrew that would be awesome. Patricia made me spend all my money on supplements when I was in Portland!!
Pat that is a good idea you had there. Maybe I’ll try that. I sent you an email a couple days ago and I;m not sure if you got it or not. Let me know.
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove: just lookin’ out for your special interests…:slight_smile:

Yeah, I rec'd the email: I've been super busy - I actually meant to reply last night...I'll send you a reply today!!!

No problem dude, no hurry It’s just sometimes my email screws up and messages that it says are sent don;t actually get sent so I wanted to make sure that it actually went out.
:slight_smile: Groove

if you were a real man, you would bite through it. joke, kind of.