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I Need to Grow Taller


hi guys. imma need some help with growing taller. in 7th grade i was 143cm and then i suddenly had a growth spurt that made me 163cm tall. all my buddies are taller than me and all the girls prefer taller guys. is it possible for me to trigger a second growth spurt?

  1. if there is anything else you know about growing taller fast tell me.
    and do not say: eat healthy nutrition and sleep well for **** sake


This'll be good...


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No it's not possible as maximum height potential is almost entirely tied to genetics.

However, if you're interested in maximizing your potential with women, then maximizing your wealth is your best bet. However if you're not above average intelligence than your potential for for very high incomes is small.

However, couples in monogamous married relationships consistently report the best sex, so your ultimate goal should be to find the most virtuous woman and commit to her for life if you want to maximize the chances of a great sex life.

Your friends may be with more women when you're young, but those aren't the kind of women that are going to be the happiest in long term relationships and their happiness in the long run will likely suffer as a result.


This strategy is 100% effective everytime it works.

Of course you wouldn't be you, but that is beside the point. The kid born would most likely be taller than you. Score!


Get jacked like a gorilla and enjoy your 3x bodyweight DL


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Foam roll. Twice a day.

Uncle Bird.



I can help you grow taller but then you'd have to change your screen name here and that's impossible so sorry.


There's also the added benefit of a lower centre of gravity so you can dominate in judo


Breast milk.


Lets assume you're under 18 (Im not going to check your profile since Im old and lazy). Nothing can guarantee you a second spurt but lets assume your body decides to go at it a second time. All you can do is treat it as a bulking phase of sorts and make it as easy for your body to grow as possible (assuming it intends to) :

  1. Stay in a caloric surplus and avoid the company of anyone who tells you to "cut weight" or "make weight" e.g. for a wrestling team. Lots of high school wrestlers got screwed long term thanks to their coaches trying to "keep their weight down". If you gain height youre going to gain a ton of LBM along with it.

  2. If you're overweight or chubby look hard at your food choices and move your ass. A lot. Go play some sports after school and jump, run/sprint whatever. Be active. Get sufficient protein yada yada

  3. Squats and deads and any kind of compound lifting in general will create short term spikes in GH and other hormones that "could" help out, albeit in a small way but if you do all this over a year and gain an inch in height then hey... thats a lot!

I dont see this as all that different from a bulking phase, except that a bulking phase even when done terribly will STILL make you put on a pound or so of LBM (with 19 pounds of fat but still). However you will lose that pound if you try to drop the fat you gained.

Now if your body does NOT WANT to grow then you probably cant force it to, but if you gain 30 pounds of fat and 2 inches of height, at least your body wont get shorter when you drop the fat :slightly_smiling:




Man you are 5-4" tall that's the same height as me. Pound the weights, gain some muscle and slay some pussy.

The best part about being short, gain ten pounds of muscle and it really shows.

Once you gain a little muscle, your confidence will improve and chicks dig a confident man, doesn't matter how tall you are.

When I was in my late teens, I was banging Mrs. teen Texas, and she was a good 5 inches taller than me.

We're all the same size laying down,


Danny Padilla
Lee Priest
Franco Columbu
Mohammad Makawy
Flex Lewis
Momo Beneziza


Cowboy boots
Get shorter homeboys
Chase shorter girls

Are you still in like 8th grade, and 13 years old? If so, don't worry about height or girls. Handle your business, and those things will take care of themselves.

If you're older, just become a male cheerleader.


Actually a really good post.


Even better if your Mom will cook it!!


start cross dressing.

wear high heels.

problem solved.


if you look on google, you should be able to find ads for pills that will help you gain 4 inches in 4 weeks. It's a start.