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I need to get like..totally mellow

How much Kava Kava do you guys take…or recomend to get that “mellow” feeling.I tried two 150mg caps (30% Kavalactones)…and I didn`t notice anything.Any other dosage recomendations…for products like ST:Johns worth,Bats Wing,Elephants Head?

I tried 500mg of Kava Kava 30 minutes before going to sleep…I sleept for 13 hours straight!

hmmm,okay…have you ever tried it to get when youre awake?..Lets say youre going out..but on a diet,so you cant drink alcohol.

5HTP works for me, I sleep like a baby. I cycle this with ZMA. St-john’s did squat for me.

I have only ever felt kava kava at high doses (like 8-12 capsules). If made into a tea it also makes your mouth go numb. Also try l-theanine or gamma-valerolactone.

8-12 caps!!..thats alot of Kava!I took 6 once..30 minutes later..I dont remember…I feel asleep:)What`s Elephants head?

Kava Kava didn’t do anything for me. Try Ativan.