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I Need to Get a Vasectomy. On TRT

I’m worried about how this will impact my testosterone long term and ED. I know with being on TRT, it won’t be an issue but if I ever come off, I will be worked. With TRT I still have ED but will this make it worse?

There are always risks when having any type of surgery.

Why do you need a vasectomy?

No, at least not directly. Maybe if you get an infection.

As a favor to my wife so she can stop taking birth control

You know, condoms involve fewer scalpels to your thunder down under. For the 4-5 days every month that it’s possible to get her pregnant you can just wrap it up and skip the whole mutilating of your balls. Or you can take MENT and shoot away knowing that your sperm count is zero. But that stuff has the side effect of making you stronger, more muscular, and hornier.

Don’t worry about it. This isn’t the stone age. I promise the urologist isnt using a hammer and chisel. He’s not mutilating your testicles. Testosterone doesn’t come up your vas deferens and through your body. It goes into your bloodstream. Its a non issue.


I’ve used the withdrawal method for at least 10 years. The days I feel like busting in her, I wear a rubber.

I personally do not want anything cut down there. I would be the one case out of 100 that would have chronic pain for years down there.

With that said I know 3 men who had it with no issues. But I don’t follow up on whether they have ED.

I think that is great the goal is for her to get off the pills. As we all know fucking with our hormones is a disaster.

You’re all really over analyzing/demonizing this. Its super simple and for me it was painless. Maybe I’m just older than some of you and know enough people having one without complication not to worry… and maybe its just the clinical data.

Vasectomy - Mayo Clinic

Unfounded concerns

Many men worry that a vasectomy could cause serious problems — but these fears are unfounded. For example, a vasectomy won’t:

  • Affect your sexual performance. A vasectomy won’t affect your sex drive or your masculinity in any way other than preventing you from fathering a child. Men have even reported higher sexual satisfaction after a vasectomy.
  • Permanently damage your sexual organs. There’s very little risk that your testicles, penis or other parts of your reproductive system will be injured during surgery. In extremely rare cases, injury to the blood supply can lead to the loss of a testicle, but that is unlikely to happen if your surgeon is skilled.
  • Increase your risk of certain cancers. Although there have been some concerns about a possible link between vasectomy and testicular or prostate cancer in the past, there’s no proven link.
  • Increase your risk of heart disease. As with cancer fears, there doesn’t appear to be any link between vasectomy and heart problems.
  • Cause severe pain. You might feel minor pain and pulling or tugging during surgery, but severe pain is rare. Likewise, after surgery you might have some pain, but for most men the pain is minor and goes away after a few days.

I suppose ‘mutilate’ was a little too hyperbolic on my part. :joy:

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LOL, I know you weren’t serious of course. Honestly is was the easiest procedure of my life. Painless… the doc and I talked about college football for all of 10 minutes during the procedure and I was done. I was playing with my kids later that date with no pain. Plus… I can ‘make it rain’ all day in the love glove with no worries. Nothing beats that.

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FWIW I had a vericocele years and years ago. Doctor told me it was an easy procedure and I’d be back on the gym within two weeks (although I wasn’t lifting back then). Three weeks after the surgery I was walking with a cane because I couldn’t stand up straight from the pain. To this day I’ll start to ache in that spot—kind of up and to the right of the base of the shaft if you’re looking straight at me—if I’ve been walking for too long. And this was the urologist in the area. He had privileges at two world class hospitals within a few hours of one another and his father was a pioneer in urology. So I tend to be skeptical about anything that happens down there, which is probably unfair since my evidence is an n of 1.

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NO. I had a vasectomy 25 years ago. It, in no way, affects your erections or ability to ejaculate or anything of the sort. Get the surgery, and get your wife off the pill. The worst part is shaving your balls and having to spread eagle under a bright white light in a COLD room! LOL


I mean, she could get an IUD and problem solved, new one every 5 years. Despite being low risk, vasectomies aren’t “no-risk”. And who knows what will happen down the road, you may regret doing this.

Don’t these cause as many issues as vasectomies do? I hear from the wife that it is sometimes not great.


I don’t know I’ve had one for 15 years, I’ve had it changed out twice and no issues. The copper ones, the first generation of IUDs did cause problems - migration, perforation, and infections.

She is at 4 years now. I think she wants to go with the one that is about the size of a paper match stick that goes in the arm. That I guess lasts 3 years. Do you know pros and cons compared to IUD?

I always get a laugh at guys wincing at the idea of a vasectomy. I had mine ~6 years ago and even though I wasn’t concerned about it going in, it was WAY easier than I expected. I even had the doc sit me up a bit so I could watch. The biggest keys are take it easy for a couple days afterward (frozen peas, recliner, and TV remote the day you have it done) and make damn sure to do your follow up labs! I work with a guy who didn’t and accused his wife of cheating when she got pregnant – he didn’t do his follow up labs. The only “horror stories” I hear are from people who didn’t comply with either of these two keys. All in all, a piece of cake procedure that has had zero impact in any other areas of my life.

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The implant comes with side effect of weight gain and increased chance of staph infection. Risks are fairly low still.

The only side effect of a vasectomy is a bunch of reckless sex.