I Need to Do this for Myself

Hey guys. I’m going to be doing a log. Any feedback is welcome but I’m really just doing this because i decided that I need to start writing things down, to be more accountable and for other sorts of reasons, and putting it up here will give me more motivation.

Tomorrow I am going to start Shredded in 6 Days
because I have to perform shirtless on Saturday. Ill be back tomorrow, and hopefully every day for a long time.

Friday or Saturday I maxed out on trap-bar dl at 405. that was 2x body weight cuz i was bloated up to 200. I want to get 2x bw in regular deadlift this week or next, hopefully double overhand…

Wow I just wrote a long log for today and my browser lost it. Damn.

Food today;
Tons of water
3 eggs, slice of turkey, some cheese, multi-v, d, cinnamon, 2 green tea
2 24 oz diet energy drinks
bag of cheese curds
canned alaskan salmon
salad w chicken breast, a lil cheese and a lil pb
shake- no-xplode caffeine free, 20g BCAA, 5g creatine
medium amount pb
med. bag peanuts


all sets of 10

OH Squat/Good Morning 2x50, 2x40, 2x30

Floor Press/ 2x50, 45, 40*
WG Pulldown 2x80, 70, 60*

Pullover/ 35x1 30x2*
Supinated EZ Bar Row 45x3*

*I didn’t get enough sets of these excercises, but i don’t do this high volume with my upper body normally, and its a similar workout tomorrow, so I thought I was good with this.

I want to do some more direct leg work tomorrow, something for lat width, bigger chest ROM, and maybe hammer curls and skullcrushers or closegrip bench. The BCAA was a lot for my stomach but i thought id need it cuz im so low carb this week. I need to keep the water consumption up. I like thsi log though, I feel like I can’t mess up.

realize i had alot of fat yesterday. more water and veggies today. I think the workout also stressed me, that was a different workout than i normally do. Also had a lot of caffeine i guess. took one oxyelite this morning, but i want to use chocamine to fill my energy/feel good gap. Slept only 4.5 hours last night, because i was procrastinating, so i am going to do my best to make up for it by napping now, then gym oclock.

Today I ate;
oxyelite pro
3 eggs, cheese, 1 slice bacon, small amt ham, onions, peppers
multi-v, cinnamon, d
can of alaskan salmon
3 packages peanuts
small amt diet coke
small salad with a little shitty veggie oil dressing, cheese, fatty chicken, chicken salad
same vitamins as earlier
1 slice american cheese
tons more water
giant diet Monster

My workout was… whatever ill edit it in later too much work to do

Have to stay up late tonight to do a paper… hopefully i get some sleep. easy workout tomorrow though, which is good because i’m busy.

Meat romney?


Sir, I love you. Hahahahahaha