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I Need To Be Faster For Ultimate Frisbee


If you've never played Ultimate, it's a lot of short burst sprinting (potentially up to a few minutes of it at once). Lots of cuts (Think wide receiver in football). I also play flag football so anything to improve performance there would help too.

Here's the list of things I'm doing to get faster/quicker:

1) Continuing to drop weight (I have plenty to go)
2) Playing ultimate a lot

I need some drills or guideline of types of exercises to do. Just go run sprints? Shuttle drills? Also, overall conditioning (endurance) should be improved too.

Thanks in advance.


I played club and am slow as hell but i can probably at least give some advice. Are you playing in a tournament or league? Do you run an offense and defense?


It is a competitive league but with a lot of novices. We run offense based on what the defense gives us, we'll stack up versus man, or do an offense to break their zone.

I am still new and pretty slow. I know that with a good cut you can shake off the faster guys but I also want to be able to make great defensive plays too.

Thanks for advice!


What is your build like?


6'2", 260lbs. 20 - 25% body fat. Progress here is going well.


Obviously you are on the way down weight wise, but i think this is going to be the best way to get faster. Running in the cup wouldn't hurt to get your cardio up. And if you run a zone you can always play short deep or wing to catch your breath.

And as you mentioned, the right cuts can make all the difference, especially if you stack it up on O. Big guys actually have a bit of an advantage in this position because you can muscle other people.

But as for training, I would just recommend getting together with some friends and running huck drills. So basically just start out in a stack and just keep making deep cuts, your lungs will thank you during games.

Another thing you can do is just try to burn yourself out in scrimmages/real games. Run as hard as you can for 1-2 points, eventually you'll get to the point where you do this for multiple points.

Also I would recommend getting into the habit of running a couple miles a week, I never did this and is probably why I am slow and out of shape (that plus a knee injury).

Any other questions?


Sounds good. Tired of being the slow one! Even at 260 I'm pretty athletic. I lift often and play a bunch of sports. But now I'm wanting to be more of a "quick guy" instead of the "big guy".


The difference between the quick guy and the big guy is usually who can cut harder.


When i train athletes for speed we look at a bunch of things:
- their raw speed and where that can be improved in terms of form.
- their technique in things like turning, following, direction changing, tracking, getting up from a fall, getting off from a cold start
- in field/ball sports also look at visual acuity - how well they can percieve things to respond to them
- visual cognition - how much can they cope with going on around them and still see the target and make decisions.

the quick guy in a sport isn't the fastest or the strongest or the lightest, but the person who can perceive situations, make decisions rapidly, and have the skill to respond agilely. These are trainable skills. so we test 'em train 'em and retest 'em all the time.