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I Need the Real Info on Eggs


Hey guys Ive been researching about eggs but most of the stuff i find in the web is PURE BULLSHIT.I need good view into the egg effects on cholesterol,the and how choline helps lower it?

I need it to prove to a teacher of mine that eating more then 2 eggs a week wont kill anyone,But seriously ive seen some real big shits over the net.Ive read somewhere in here(T-Nation)that eggs actually help lower cholesterol.(I searched even in ergolog and didnt find what i needed)
thanx in advance


buy 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden, and he goes into great detail about eggs, and almost every other food myth out there. You will educate yourself on a very large level so that you don't have to go on forums and ask people for their random advices, whether its true or not.


and by the way...your teacher is an idiot, lol



^ Shows no relation between Cardiovascular Disease and Egg Intake


Eggs are fucking brilliant.


Have you tried Pub Med? A peer-reviewed journal article will hold more weight with a professor than non peer-reviewed publications.


I know ive been having a hard time when discussing about carbs,eggs etc etc..he is a dick..thanx guys .:slight_smile: i even found some other articles online :slight_smile:


BTW i have 5-15 eggs a day.when i said that to him he was freaking out,like i was saying i drank Poison..damn idiots.


This study looks good to me, but why don't you talk to your teacher about making it a class project. It's early in the year so you could design a test where you and he and anyone else willing gets their cholesterol checked. I assume you to be a high egg eater and your teacher to be low, so you guys could switch after getting tested. You go on a low egg diet, say none other than what you might have in pancakes or what ever and he goes on 3 a day. do it for the semester and get tested again at the end. if your teacher doesn't puss out I bet it will be a good learning experience for him.

Btw, I'm a big fan of eggs and have 4 a day, seven days a week.




Can you blame him? That shit's been in TEXTBOOKS for years.

It's not his fault for being taught that, it is however his fault for remaining ignorant.


3-4 whole eggs each morning with my oats. I have no problems and I love my eggs and oats everyday for breakfast.

I consider 3-4 a fairly low number myself, I know people that think thats too many eggs but they also prefer fast food and candy for breakfast. Most haters are unhealthy ass clowns that dont know shit about anything

How could somebody go wrong with eggs?


eggs = liquid baby chicken to go.


The testing re the relatonship between eggs raising cholesterol was 1. Carried out by the "Cereal Board" and 2. It does raise cholesterol, HDL, which is a GOOD cholesterol



eggs = chicken menstruation?


Why do you need to prove you are correct, why does he not need to prove his knowledge is correct?


There are many things to consider about cholesterol in general. A lot of newer theories propose that exogenous cholesterol shouldnt be considered important at all. Many things regulate blood cholesterol from its creation (involving the very important enzyme HMG-CoA reductase (the blockage site of statin drugs)) to its transport (the full spectrum of lipoproteins). Some people have a inherent predisposition to hypercholesterolemia while others do just fine eating as many eggs as they wish. There is a lot of reading on this subject and unfortunately the decision whether or not exogenous cholesterol intake should be carefully monitored is not unanimous.


Lately, I've been eating an average of about 2 eggs a day, had my blood tested last week, and my cholesterol was low as fuck. (HDL 61, LDL 40). So take that, science textbook.


Eggs are SO awesome, you can travel through fucking SPACE in them!


Wow, 2 whole eggs?