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I need the pump!

T-men, what can I do to maximize the pump at the gym while on a low carb diet? Any pre-workout food recommendations? Also, can someone please try to give me an unbiased opinion regarding MAG-10. It’s pretty expensive, and before I buy some I want to be sure I’m not getting scammed on another supplement that promises things but doesn’t deliver. Please help!!!

your pump in the gym will be accomplished if you take your Surge product and if you train correctly. It always worked for me while on low carb diet. Mag-10 works, look you have to try some things in life to test them out for yourself. You will see definite weight gain as well as a hardening affect. It all depends on how dedicated you are to your goals. laters pk

I echo pk, but like to add that Biotest’s Methoxy-7 gives you a wicked pump also. Nonetheless, like pk stated, if your postworkout meal sucks, so will your pump.