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I Need T-Nation's Help

Long story short: I’m in a weight loss contest at work, and while I was doing well for awhile, I’ve blown my diet big-time and at this point I’m out of the running to win the thing. However, I didn’t realize how badly I’d regressed until our weigh-in the other day.

The contest ends in 16 days. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs to finish where I want to, which is in 7th or 8th place out of 12 guys.

Anyone with experience cutting weight quickly, I need your help. Hardcore diet and exercise recommendations are welcome.

Of the 3 guys winning the contest 2 are wrestling coaches so you know they have tricks up their sleeve. I need tricks of my own guys.

BTW, Velocity Diet is a no-go, I’ve used it twice over the last 2 months and I’m burned out on it. I almost vomited the last time I had a shake.

Is it a contest for money or just for shits n’ giggles?

If it’s for a decent sum of cash you can do stuff like dehydrate the shit out of yourself, but if it’s not losing weight quickly can be really bad for you.

I realize that most of the 15-20 lbs are going to have to be water weight, so the advice I need most of all is advice on dropping the water weight ASAP.

So any recommendations involving saunas, rubber suits, diuretics etc would be especially helpful.

Be careful, for god’s sake.

We don’t need you dying, buddy.

Sounds like you know what to do, rubber suits and what not, trashbags work too.

If you’re in doubt about how you’re doing, stop.

I remember cressey saying something about cutting down quickly to make weight for competitions.

He said cut all fiber and carb intake, and only eat protein and oil.

Oh yeah… ‘dont die’ is probably the best advice you’ll get. Or even get moderately sick, its just a bet.

Start a very strict no carb diet quick (only protein and fat) and you should be able to drop 10-15 lbs of water almost immediately. Also consider a water weight control supplement (I like Shredded by S.A.N.) to get the water weight down.

[quote]eengrms76 wrote:
Start a very strict no carb diet quick (only protein and fat) and you should be able to drop 10-15 lbs of water almost immediately. Also consider a water weight control supplement (I like Shredded by S.A.N.) to get the water weight down. [/quote]

Cool. I’m looking for diuretic recommendations, because I bought one from a drugstore awa Vitamin SHoppe brand and neither has had any effect on me.

keep the advice coming please.

When I cut for wrestling I used suana suits with two layers of sweats (top and bottom) taped off the wrists and feet and ran like hell… Stay out of the suana when wearing these; its a sure way to kill yourself.

I dont recall eating but I would stick to P+F with some fiber.

Water pills work great too; you can find them near the PMS stuff in the drug store. I wouldn’t use these too far in advance.

The night before weigh-ins dont eat or drink at all. I could reliably lose 1.5 lbs overnight from sleeping with lots of clothes and blankets.

I agree with the other post above.
Try a very strict no diet.I mean nothing but eggs,chicken,lean beef,fish,coconut oil,fish oil,low fat cheese,etc.

almost every stimulant is diuretic, if you only drink coffee and tea you’ll shed some pounds fast, BUT only do this the day before and the day of the weigh-in. shedding water weight to early will stunt your total weight loss progress.

this is what I did once, along with a couple of hours in a sauna and half a can of copenhagen, to shed some serious pounds pretty fast. I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS AS IT CAN KILL YOU. But I was young, dumb, and out of my weight class. AND my meet sucked because I was so crapped out. I do not recomend doing this program to a tee, but use what knowledge you can gleam from this, and don’t freakin’ die. I’m serious.

a week before your final weigh-in mix a bullion cube and a teaspoon of epson salt in a glass of water and drink (epson salt has a slight laxative effect so use no more than a teaspoon, and don’t drink this if you have plans for the next hour, just to be safe,) do this for the next four days, drink as much water as possible, and put salt on everything. this will cause your body to become used to ingesting alot of sodium and water, and you’ll bloat up like a balloon, but exersize will become easier (I don’t know how much easier cardio would become, cause I only lifted when I did this). then for the three days up to the weigh-in cut almost all sodium out of your diet, and drink a little less water than you’re used to. one day out drink only coffee, take a good b vitamin complex (some b vitamins have a diuretic effect) and any diuretics you want (be careful though, seeing as massive amounts of diuretics can FREAKING KILL YOU.) and the night before the big weigh-in, four hours before you plan on going to sleep, mix two tablespoons (NOT teaspoons this time) of epsom salt onto a glass of water (which tastes like rotten ass,) get a newspaper and spend the next few hours on the crapper. wake up, eat nothing, sip a little coffee to keep your mouth wet, and win this thing. revel in your success, then eat and drink, if you are still alive. And the final step I took was to make a solem vow to never try to shed that much water ever again.

hope this helps, and I’m out.

Well, I think that it’s too late. You could maybe cut that much water in this period of time, but the wrestling guys would probably kick your ass. I’d say cut your losses, analyze why this time didn’t work for you, and come back stronger next time. That’s the purpose of indulging in this exercise, isn’t it?

Google “The Master Cleanse”. I only recommend this for this contest. I have done this about 3 times and finally relized that this is NOT THE WAY to lose weight. The best way of course is proper diet and exercise. I will admit, I would lose 15 pounds in ten days. I gained 3-4 pounds back after eating solids again. You will have plenty of energy to complete daily task, but do not expect to bench press hundreds of pounds while on this “cleanse” not diet.

the most important thing is to cut down carb intake.that way,you will lose lots of metabolic water along fat.
good luck!

[quote]BALBOS wrote:
the most important thing is to cut down carb intake.that way,you will lose lots of metabolic water along fat.
good luck!

Holy shit with stating the obvious again! Didn’t you retire?

What exactly is metabolic water? Really please give me the exact scientific definition.

And you’re actually fairly wrong- dropping carbs won’t immediately have an effect on fat loss, just water weight. In fact your body will probably lose more muscle than fat along with the water, at least in the short term.

Thanks for the tips so far. I’m going low to no carb these last 15 days, and try out the recommended diuretic, and sweat like a f’n pig.

I’m still not sure about the process of water and sodium loading, so I may simply cut water on Sunday in preparation for Monday’s weigh-in.

Sonny S

Started lo-carb, a colon cleanse product that has some diuretic herbs, and I’m doing twice the doasge on the crappy Vitamin Shoppe diuretic. We’ll see

I think you need more than T-mags help.

Looks like you have been on this site for a while, and it says you have been training for 15 years, so what’s the deal?

At 30%bf, your up there. Is there a specific reason that you’ve been training that long and have allowed yourself to get that big?

Are you really going to feel good about yourself losing 15lbs of phantom weight to finish in the contest? At this point, you may just have to realize that you failed, and use your anger for another go at it.

I’m not bashing ya bud, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. The V-Diet is extreme, that’s why most people fail. T-dawg is much better overall IMO. All the knowledge and programs are on this site. T-mag could never publish another article and you would still have everything you need to win that contest. It’s just a question of application.

The best ideas have been posted. Drink a minimum of 1 gallon per day leading up to the weigh in. Eat 0 carbs. Check out swolecats “7 days to ultimate leaness”. Good luck with this “contest” and your overall weight loss goals.