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I Need Strength!


after two years of training I decided to go more into PL. More info in my HUB...

my routine

A) bench press
rope pressdowns (light)
seated DB press (light)
face pulls

B) squats
good mornings

C) military press (heavy)
close-grip press (heavy)
rack chins

D) deadlift
box squats
hammer curls

what do you guys think?

and also

what to do with assistance work? do you guys train each assistance exercise to failure? or smth else? how many reps/set should I do?

and what progression in main lifts is the best at the beginning?? 3x3? 5x5?

thanks and sorry if something smells like a newbie here


Oh God I hope you're wearing some nomex because you're about to get flamed.

Seriously just start reading, there's a ton of free and effective programs available on this site and others.

Personally I love Dave Tate's 9 week basic training if you're just getting into powerlifting but do what you will.



It looks a lot better than some of the new guy stuff I see. I would change up the A) workout a little. the rope pressdowns should be an afterthought. In other words if you have enough time do them, if not, it's not a big deal. Instead I would do some variation of bench press I like boards, close grip, incline, bands, wide grip etc..... you also might want to throw in some upper back work. Dumbell rows, Chest supported rows, barbell rows, pull ups etc...

Never go to failure on assistance or anything else for that matter. At worst you should leave 1 rep in the tank. The last thing you want to do is fail at a lift. You need to train your body not to fail. When you constantly fail it beats the crap out of your body and your mind. I pick one lift per week and go all out on it (meaning I don't have any reps left after my last set) I still don't go to failure though. I always get my reps.

For progression Look into 531 or Reactive training systems.


hm I think you need some more lats and upperback work and you should probably make the routine as simple
as possible.

as an example:

day1 and day3:
militarypress or benchpress:( 3x5, 5x3, 5/3/1 or similar ).
additional press( dips, dbpress, shoulderpress etc ): total of 30-50reps.
upperback( facepulls, reardelt-raises, shrugs etc ): total of 30-50reps.
lats( rows or chins etc ): total of 30-50reps.

day2 and day4:
squat or deadlift: ( 3x5, 5x3, 5/3/1 or similar ).
quads( lunges, legpress etc ) total of 30-50reps.
hams/lowback( romanian-deads, GHR, back-raises etc ) total of 30-50reps.
abs( leg-raises, side-plank, bird dog etc ) 3setts.

This is as almost as simple as it gets, but simple never hurts.


In general it doesn't look too bad just like everyone else said more upper back work. You can also find plenty of progression models on this site and elitefts and don't shortchange refining your form and technique on the main lifts.




thanks folks!

A) bench press
close-grip BP
seated DB press
kroc rows

B) squats
good mornings

C) military press
incline bench press
rack chins
face pulls

D) deadlift
box squats
hammer curls

and 531 for progression, I like the idea of last sets...

and thanks Brett for assistance work advice!


Still lackin upper back work (pulling)


rack chins
kroc rows
face pulls

are you sure Dax?

where to add another pull?


Since you have so much pressing you need more pulling, atleast 1rep of pulling for each
rep of pressing, more pulling than pressing is better. So you can either add more pulling
or decrease the amount of pressing.


Some type of machine row would be a good addition. I would add it in to either the C or D workout.


ok, thanks for help