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I Need Sources


Haha for general wellness!!

Does anyone happen to know a site where I could pick up antibiotics?

My health care makes me pay full price for prescription drugs up to my deductible and I get ear infections ALL the time! I posted this in steroids b/c I know you guys are the ones to go to for pretty much any medication advice. I remember someobe posting a site a little while back about this topic. My ears and my balance thank you.


I'm not sure about the specifics, but I'm pretty sure Farm & Fleet (and likely other farm supply stores) sell antibiotics along with all sorts of injectable vitamins for livestock, horses, and dogs. I'm not sure if you need a prescription, but they're either sitting on the shelf on in an accessible fridge in the horse dept.


lol I must admit I would never have thought of taking horse antibiotics


I used to take vet grade terramyicin all the time.

No real difference in vet, and human anti-biotics.


Thanks for the info rainjack, may I ask where you used to get yours from?