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I Need Some Running Drills


i want to get faster but what workouts can i do


OK, great, but how about some more information? Are you training for a specific event, i.e. a 5k, military PT test, marathon, or what? What is your current training schedule like, i.e. how much running are you currently doing, how much lifting, etc., and how long have you been following your current schedule?


im in high school football


ok you want to get faster for football, do plyometric workouts, sprints, and heavy squats. For plyo start off with box jumps and depth jumps. You can add more plyo once you get the basics.

For sprints you can do anything from 20yd. to 100yd for 10 to 20 times.To make it harder sprint uphill,on stairs, or wear a weighted vest.

For squats just go heavy with good form,and make the contraction as explosive as possible.