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I need some help with meal timing...


I am starting the Massive Eating diet after a semi successful cutting phase. I have my meals all planned out and set to go, the only problem is the timing. I'll be eating 6 meals a day 3 p+f and 3 p+c, 3 hours between each. I'm not sure what times are best to consume each (except for post workout). Unless I missed it somewhere, I didn't read anything about meal timing, except that it was important. I've been searching the site looking for more info, but havent found anything. Could someone please direct me to a link that would answer my question, or give me a quick rundown on the proper timing? thanks


your timing needs to be planned around your training time. generally it would be a good idea to eat your p+f's before and your p+c's post training.


Candyman...Like P-Dog so clearly stated, your time of training is going to be critical in helping you assess your optimal meal timing. Give us an idea of what time you train and how many meals you get in before and after.


Hey guys, I train in the morning. I have been eating one meal when I wake up, wait a couple hours then lift. After that, I go to work, usually 10 hour shifts. Come home, sleep, and repeat. I get all of my 6 meals in, spaced 3 hours apart. I have an active job, so I would think eating all 3 protein and carb meals early would be best, and the protein and fat while im at work. Would that help keep fat gain to a minimum?



if i were you i would eat a p+f for breakfast, wait 1.5 hours and then hit the gym.

there you can start sipping on your surge or something similiar, and finish the rest immediately following training.

your next 2 meals should be your other p+c's for the day. that leaves you with 2 more p+f's to finish out the day.

hope this helps.


Candyman...P-Dog hit the points hard and very well. In your situtation, I'd likely opt for a P/F meal upon arising. Now, some individuals train harder and more intensely first thing in the morning when ingesting a P/C meal. This is an individualized approach, but I'd try the former (i.e. P/F) first.

Like P-Dog stated, you should be using both during and post-training nutritional tactics. You can use something like Surge for those feedings. About 60 minutes after your post-training serving, have a food meal of protein and carbs. This meal should likely be your biggest of the day, depending on your activity level the rest of the day. Your final protein and carb meal should follow this first whole-food meal.

The rest of the day, I would suggest opting for meals of protein and fat. This should prove to be a very efficient plan.


Ok guys, I'm going to follow your recommendations for the meal timing. However, I now have another question. Using the massive eating calculator, I need roughly 5,000 cal. using a 40-40-20 nutrient breakdown. That equates to 83g protein for every meal, 166g of carbs for 3 meals and 37g of fat for 3 meals. It just seems kind of strange, and difficult to stuff down 166g of quality carbs in one sitting (3 times a day) and the same with 37g of fat. Am I figuring this correctly? I think I missed something somewhere....




JB has said that there's no need to stick with the traditional six meals per day approach with Massive Eating; rather, opt for 8 (or more) with slightly less time in between. Check out the second Q&A from this "Appetite for Construction" column: