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I Need Some Help with Links That I Put in Posts


At first, it seemed like a link put in a post would just create the link,

Now such links create a snapshot of the linked post.


How do I create links that do not include these snapshots?

The result above may be confusing as it is showing some of the links in that linked thread.

The link above is “What Topics Do We Want to Make Available?


I don’t see any snapshot. The links are appearing fine. Looking at that thread, I see:


This text shows up and it not wanted. This is created by the web service as a preview of a link:

A great idea! Post stories of stupid doctor things. Lets not get into
tangents discussing why they are stupid or technical explanations. We
have been posting these things for years, time for dedicated collection.

Sometimes I can get this problem to go away, sometimes not.

Thanks for considering this.

Edit 01-14-2016: The text that I am referring to seems to be a “preview” of the links content. This is confusing. How it selects what post to preview is also a mystery.


I have some more understanding of this:

The problem is unwanted auto generated previews of a linked topic.

If this creates a link with a preview:
[But oddly, sometimes that does not happen]
In the edit window, the preview window shows this happening.

Then is prevents the auto generated link preview:
. link

There is a <.> character preceding the link, <:> also works.

link offsets the preview window in another preview frame.

Where is the user’s manual?