i need some help setting up my routine

hi all…

i am planning to change my routine next week…i was thinking about using this split:

monday horizontal push/pull
bench press 5x5
bentover row 5x5

tuesday quad dominant day
squat 5x5
front squat 5x5
calf raise

thursday vertical push/pull
weighted dip 5x5
weighted chinup (supinated grip) 5x5

friday hip dominant day
sumo deadlift 5x5
good morning 5x8
seated calf

please give me your opinions guys…i was thinking about throwing in some curls after the chins…maybe some seated dumbbell presses…i dont know if i should train arms or shoulders directly…what do you think?


overall its pretty low volume, so should be nice, quick workouts.
Personally I would throw in some bicep work, but it depends on your goals. The tris are already getting quite a bit of work from bench and dips, so probably not nessecary.
no direct shoulder work i notice. again that up to you but maybe some upright rows could be thrown in or lat raises if you dont want to thrash your tris any more.

i think my upper body days need more volume though… as i said i think i?ll throw in curls after chins and maybe do some grip work…i still don?t know if my shoulders need direct work…maybe laterals as you said…any suggestions to add volume to the routine…even in my main excercises?

what RM/percentage are you using for weight? whats your goal?

my goal is mainly strength…if i can get some muscle from it i wouldn?t complain though…i don?t know about the percentages…but my first set is very close if not my 5RM…most of the times i get 5 reps for the first two sets and maybe 4,3 and two reps for the last three sets…i raise the weight whenever i can get 5x5

doesnt look like enough volume for me. at all.

why not try westside?