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i need some help setting up a powerlifting pendulum routine...

hi all…

i would like to follow CT?s powerlifting pendulum cycle…i was thinking in something like this:

hypertrophy week
day one
???..here im thinking of some exercises got any ideas?

day three
flat flyes
seated military press
db laterals
overhead db triceps extension

day five
barbell row
barbell curl
db curl

functional 80%-90%1rm

day one
good morning

day three

day five

functional 90%-100%

day one squat
day three bench
day five deadlift

i set it up following CT?s guidelines…i don?t do any speed work…
any comment would help

I am not familiar with the cycle that you are talking about so will only comment on the hypertrophy squat day. Why not throw in some exercises for the rest of the legs, such as a leg curl of some sort and some toe raises? You would obviously do the bigger muscles first. So it could go something like squats, hamstring curls, standing toe raises and seated toe raises.

First of all, throughout yor program you have alot of “accesory” exercises that I just don’t see as being beneficial to someone training for power. Tons of calf work and db laterals are good examples of this. You need to post your goals…are you motivated to compete in powerlifting or do you just want to throw around some more weight to impress the gym bunnies? Also, if you haven’t checked it out, the bst style of training for powerlifting (in my opinion), is Westside. You can find all their stuff either in past article on T-mag or at their web site http://www.elitefts.com.

Also, you can modify their programs to suit your individual needs if it seems a little too “hardcore” for you.

the first week of the pendulum is supposed to include bodybuilding exercises…it is supposed to be a structural oriented week…i just tried to follow CTs guidelines…as you can see in the next week i actually plan to do only 2 exercises per day…and i will only do the powerlift on week 3 without any assistance…i powerlift raw…dont believe in shirts or stuff like that…and i know westside style very well and dont like it at all…i train old school and use periodization routines ala ed coan…the best powerlifter ever…
and i dont go to the gym to impress the bunnies buddy.

excuse my rusty english.
any other comments on how to set up my pendulum cycle are very welcome…
thanks in adavance