I need some help, hormonal effects of test

Hey everybody I’ve been meaning to get on a forum and talk about what is going on with me. I am currently taking testosterone, I have taken testosterone several times in the past and never used any estrogen blockers besides just some over-the-counter ones at GNC.

Recently I ordered a 10ml 350 sust so I was doing 1ml of 350 mg per week. This time I decided to order arimidex as well as tamixofen and was taking both every day. I have also been taking about 1500 total iu of HCG per week. Which I have never done before.

I’m really not sure what has been going on but the testosterone is not working. I’m just very emotional, I don’t even really feel like sex and that’s the number one reason why I wanted on testosterone… I’m just depressed and Moody.

I’m not sure if maybe taking both of those anti-estrogen everyday has something to do with it all or maybe they just aren’t working? I’m not sure what the problem is at this point. I know I need to get blood work done… I’ve never had any blood work done.

I’m flying to Florida to see my ex-girlfriend and it feels like I can barely even get hard… I’m really somewhat winging all of this, I used the same 350 sust in the past and felt all of the benefits besides the excessive hair growth… should I stop taking arimidex and tamixofen? Or can anybody help give me some advice please.

I don’t understand why you’re talking these drugs and most likely are causing some or all of your issues.

If you need higher testosterone, just take testosterone and try not to complicated it.

The hCG isn’t going to work for everyone, some guys feel like crap on it, at any dosage.

In my personal experience, things that make TRT seem like it’s not working, iron deficiency and low vitamin D. In reality, any deficiency can wreak havoc on your wellbeing and health.

Defy Medical is in Tampa Bay FL, specializing in male and even female hormone therapies.

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older guy here now 75 yo + using lo dose test since 2001 from the now retired Dr Shippen a pioneer in TRT. i read about arimidex a few years ago + asked + got a script for it, BUT it did NOT agree with me, after using it a short time i could NOT urinate!!! needless to say a painful ordeal!! everyone responds differently, last estradiol was 53, total T 753, feel good for an older guy IMO tadalafil gets me UP usually once weekly, could be peppier BUT looking around i am better than most, 5-71/2 155 lb, still walking girlfriends peppy Bischon!!