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I need some feedback

First off let me tell u about my stats.
I am 18, 240lbs, 20% body fat, and my goal is to put on muscle. I have been weightlifting for a few weeks now with no direction, also i havnt been sticking to my diet. So i researched here for 2 weeks and now i am ready to start… i think. I am going to use The Oscillating Wave Program, Ian King’s Awesome Abs, and the T-Dawg diet v2. Please leave any/all input you have. Thanks

The T-Dawg Diet is designed for fat loss.

Hey, there, BigWall!!!

Excellent dietary recommendation by litespeed, and an excellent choice of programs on your part. In addition, be sure to read everything you can about nutrition and everything written by John Berardi in the Previous Issues section. A combination of HIIT cardio, a dialed-in diet and working out in the gym will give you the strong, hard body you’re looking for.

I am sorry but what do u mean by HIIT cardio?

(grin) You bit, huh?

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. It’s a great form of cardio because it uses both aerobic and anaerobic pathways.

It’s done with different ratios. You can do HIIT on the cardio machine of your choice, jump rope or sprinting. I like doing HIIT on a StairMaster. 30 seconds high (Level 8-10), 90 seconds low to recover (Level 2-3). Very efficient at burning fat; lots of fat!

Little trick, since you’re new to the board. The search engine to the left of your screen allows you to search either the forum (the default) or the archived articles (T-Mag) by changing the selection in the drop-down window. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about HIIT.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

At 20% bodyfat your goal should be strictly fat loss.

At 20% bf you’ll gain a bigger percentage of fat than you would at 10% bf.

My advice to you is to spend the next 8 weeks trimming down following T-Dag 2.0 diet. THEN try to bulk up.

thanks guys, so should i still follow through with my training program with T-Dawg?

Yup! Oscillating Wave is a good program. Remember that when dieting, the program is secondary (ducking to prevent from getting shot). Seriously, to a very large degree, the reason for working out when dieting is just to preserve LBM.

The only other thing you need to be sure you do is keep a food log and track your food intake. There’s an article called “The Missing Ingredient,” by Chris Shugart, Issue 162.

Best of luck to you, BigWall. Let us know how it goes.

You can get both…here’s what you need to know in order of importance…

1-Force vs. capacity for objectives.
2-Time avail. to train
3-Genetic factors -fast/slow twitch,personality type
4-Lifestyle - nutrition,sleep,$for supps.ect…

I’ll give you a head start…

Here’s the maximum force you will need to generate;

Barbell Deadlifts and back squats should be your strongest lifts (> or = 2 x bodymass)

Clean & jerk should be the next strongest lift and approximately equal to your bench press strength (1.5 > 2 x b.m.)

Incline press, snatch deadlift & shrug and front squat are the next strongest and should be about the same. (Approximately equal to 1.5 times your body weight.)

Since nervous system adaptation is first work on body strength balance for first 12 weeks in 4 week meso phases, ex: wave loading, then 5,4,3,2,1, then meltdown II.

After 12 weeks - capacity /hypertrophy will kick in for next 12 wks. ex; GVT, meltdown I, (6 x 6)


Thanks all for the good feedback, but i have a few questions again…

I am not going to be taking any supplements at all? will this effect my goals, and if yes how can i change it?

I workout in a home gym that has free weights, a lat pull/squat cage, preacher curl thing, and a leg extention machine. my diet and ab routine last 12 weeks, but the OST doesnt. So my question is, what whould be a program suggested to finish off my 12 weeks?

BigWall, I don’t understand your questions or your concerns. Could you try again?

Bottom line? Stick to your diet. Weigh, measure, count, hit your numbers and record what you’re eating so that you can make adjustments. It requires discipline and time, yes.

Supplements and an ab program are not to get you to where you need to get. You need to drop half your body fat before you’re going to start seeing your abs. You can have the greatest, hardest, most awesome abs in the world, but if they’re covered by a layer of fat, no one (including you) will ever appreciate 'em.

Getting to where you want to go is going to require a combination of dialing in your diet, creating an energy deficit (with cardio) and lifting weights (to protect LBM while dieting).